3 Major Updates on SEO Trends You Need to Watch Out For

3 Major Updates on SEO Trends

If there’s one thing constant about search engine optimization (SEO), it is the fact that change is always right behind it. Since the year it was first introduced, things have taken a huge turn. Many of the things you consider as good, may not be as effective now. Too many digital marketers, this may not be as surprising since Google is fond of releasing algorithm updates every now and then. Although it can be overwhelming at some point, they’ve managed to conquer it all. It’s all thanks to their experience and keen observations.

Now, the year 2019 is no different. Fact is, an SEO expert in Hong Kong even consider this year as the most crucial of them. This is due to the amount of development that comes into play. Because of this, a new set of practices have been introduced to ensure the websites will continue to shine and rank on searches. Now, you’re probably dying to know what these recent trends are. So to satisfy your curiosity towards it, here are some of the 2019 SEO practices you should be aware of.

User-Focused Content

Throughout the years, Google has been very clear about their intention of providing users with the information they need. Basically, their framework is built on making the audience the center of everything. This means that you must prioritize the needs of users right before promoting your brand. Google is creating an interface that provides people with all the answers they’re looking for. Instead of just simply putting information about your company, try to make it interesting so that people would be curious and find it useful for them.

The Rise of Voice & Video Search

As it goes on, you can notice how video and voice search dominates the market. Because of this companies have become aware of how important it is to upload their own videos or make their content available through voice search. 2019 seem to embrace that idea since video marketing will remain to be in demand for the next couple of years or so. As for voice, more and more users are finding it more convenient to use than typing it through their phone or desktop.

The On-Page Would Remain Significant

The on-page element is still an important ranking factor and there’s no sign that it’ll change any time soon. Keeping an optimized and easy-to-navigate web pages would still set off your SEO campaigns. SEO strategists, in fact, foresee that on-page will remain relevant in the coming years. This means that everything you put on your website whether it is the content, layout or image bears weight on how Google will read and index your site on search results.

The year 2019 might be ending, but the changes in the digital world continues. If you want to be ahead of the game, it’s important that you easily adapt to the dynamic landscape of SEO. These are just some of the latest trends you should be aware of. Knowing some of these things can bring a lot to the overall run and performance of your website in the future. Be sure to keep yourself updated to stay strong amidst this competitive market. 

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