5 Major Advantages Of Using Swallowing Gels To Take Medicine Pills

Swallowing Gels

Although tablets and capsules are popular, many people find it hard to swallow them. The problem of swallowing medicine pills is not limited to children and the elderly anymore. Today, it has become a common issue among patients.

The medical condition in which a person is afraid of swallowing anything is called Dysphagia. When a person suffers from Dysphagia, they have difficulty swallowing anything, even small tablets, and capsules.

This is where products like Gloup swallowing gel really shine. Gloup offers a product that helps the patient swallow their medicinal pills with ease. This product is a get that secures a lubricated path while swallowing the medicine.

Advantages Of Using Swallowing Gels To Take Medicine

Swallowing gels are a semi-solid liquid that coats your tablet and ensures that the tablet slips through Esophagus down to your stomach. Thereby allowing you to swallow medicine.

Here are a few other advantages you can enjoy with the use of swallowing gel.

1. Mitigate The Risk Of Choking

One of the things that become common when you are suffering from Dysphagia is that you choke or gag a lot. This is because whenever you try to swallow the medicine, you just can not do that and choke in the middle of the swallowing process.

Dysphagia in itself is not dangerous, but coupled with choking can be life-threatening. However, with the use of the swallowing gel, this problem can be resolved with any choking. In addition, swallowing gel comes with lucrative properties that help the medicine pills pass through Esophagus without any choking and gagging.

2. Reduce Pain While Swallowing

If you are not comfortable with swallowing anything, swallowing even a small medicine pill can be painful. This pain will further deteriorate your current medical situation. In addition, the pain might result in a rough throat or swollen throat. A swollen throat can block the windpipe, putting you in a life-threatening situation.

However, if you use swallowing gel to swallow something, you will reduce the pain you experience after swallowing anything. Hence, using gel helps you reduce the pain and restrict the complication that comes with the pain.

3. Reduce Throwing Out Your Medicine

When you are under medication and Dysphagia, it becomes hard to take your medicine pills at the right time. Due to the Dysphagia, you cannot swallow the medicine, and due to other medication, you need to take medicine. So, when you try to take medicine, you choke and throw out the medicine.

While some medications can be taken multiple times at the same time, some cannot. And if you are an adult, there is a chance that you cannot take medicine again. To solve this problem, you need to use swallowing gel or ask your doctor when such a scenario occurs.

4. Does Not Affect The Medicine’s Effectiveness

Swallowing medicine can be a daunting task, even if you’re not suffering from Dysphagia. This is why most people make powder out of the tablets and open up the capsules. Well, that is not the way to take medicine. If a tablet is meant to take in the form of powder, why would it come in the form of tablets with a protective layer on them?

Some medicines are meant to dissolve after a certain time after entering the body, but consuming in powder form is instantly absorbed by the body. This puts a lot of pressure on the body resulting in side effects.

5. Train Your Brain To Swallow Things

Finally, swallowing gel trains your brain and body to swallow things. Dysphagia is not a disease that needs medicine but exercise.

  • Effortful swallow
  • Jaw thrust
  • Masako maneuver

The exercises mentioned above help the patients to recover from Dysphagia. You can add the swallowing gel to the same list.

Swallowing gel helps your brain and swallowing muscles to train themselves to swallow things.

Was That Helpful?

Taking medicine is important if you want to cure your illness. However, when you are also a patient with Dysphagia, swallowing medicine pills can be a challenging task. This is where swallowing gel can help the patient to swallow their medicine with any extra effort.

Swallowing gel encapsulates the medicine pill into a lubricating substance and ensures it slips down the throat through the esophagus to the stomach.

This article has discussed the benefits you can enjoy by using swallowing gel to take medicine pills. With that being said, we conclude our article. Was this article helpful, and were you able to get information looking? Do let us know in the comment section.

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