A Complete Guide to Choosing a Vape Starter Kit

Vape Starter Kit

Hello! Hey! How are you doing?

Long time no see! You know . . . since you’ve been living under that rock for the last few years and haven’t tried vaping yet?

Oh—what’s that you said? You live in a regular home but you’re just late to the vaping game?

Okay, fine, you can get a pass this time. Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about vaping, the hobby that up to  partake in worldwide.

Our highest recommendation for all new vapers is to begin at the beginning—with a vape starter kit.

What Is a Vape Starter Kit? What Does One Include?

The short answer is that varies.

What you’ll want to look for is a well-balanced kit that has everything you need to start vaping. You shouldn’t have to make a second trip or purchase—everything you need for your vaping journey should be stocked in your kit.

What are you looking for in your average kit? Consider the essential components, such as:

  • A tank. This is where the vape juice gets held and where vapor gets created
  • Coils, which live in the tank and act as the heating mechanism
  • An e-liquid or two
  • A box and charging port, if required

The best vape starter kit should have all these things (and maybe even more, commonly called mods). Modifications are typically bulkier in size but allow for customization, such as the amount of vapor that gets produced per hit. At the most, you’ll have to go to your local vape shop to get more of your favorite flavored juice.

Speaking of local shops . . .

Where Can You Get One?

One option is to get on your smartphone or computer and give Google a quick perusing.

The world is seeing an increase in vape shops. The BBC article we linked to above claimed that 69 new shops opened in the UK in 2019. Another study suggests that most vapers get their supplies from specialist shops, such as e-juice or vape shops.

So, using your city name or zip code, pull up your closest options—which happen to be more densely populated in metropolitan areas.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel like walking into a shop, no worries! Beginner vape kits are all over the internet, making choosing between them all the hardest part of picking a vape kit. Your options are fairly unlimited, which is undeniably part of the appeal of vaping—the many ways to customize, optimize, upgrade, minimize—you name it!

It’s All Vapor and Mirrors . . . 

Vape starter kits make our lives as vapers that much easier.

Whether you’re a newbie who wants the most convenient route to start vaping or an experienced vaper buying a friend a gift, vape starter kits are the way to go. They’ve got all the essential supplies to get anyone or their mother vaping in no time (well, as long as it takes for the battery to charge.

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