Being on bed rest can be a very tedious possibility, especially if you are an extrovert. One can be on bed rest for many reasons such as pregnancy, recovery from an injury, or surgery. But bedrest doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and, there are ways to spice things up, even while on bed rest. Bearing in mind the limitations and the care needed by the body, we have compiled the following list with 100 activities that you can engage in while on bed rest. We believe these activities will kill boredom and will ensure that you enjoy your bedrest to the best of our capabilities.

Bead a wristband or neckband/necklace

This is one of the best and a very mesmerizing hobby that one can do to pass their time while you are in bed as prescribed by your doctor. This includes you to assemble a number of beads or assorted stones and decorate a small piece of jewelry and create a neckband or a necklace. It is very healthy to surround yourself with such ornaments as people who are suffering from some kind of difficult moments caused by an accident or any such experiences, will understand that sometimes it becomes very boring and unhealthy if you are in your bed. Many chiropractors in Snellville suggest people engage in some kind of activity to distract themselves. 

Write up pending thanksgiving notes

This is one of the activities that will help you stay connected with your loved ones while you are on bed rest. Also, writing thanksgiving notes will help people who love you know that you are doing well while dealing with your ailment. There are a number of apps that you can use to get this done and they even make your notes and greetings more creative and more convenient to ship on your behalf. 

Take naps to catch up on lost sleep

While you are on bed rest one of the best ways to make use of this time is to sleep and rest as it will be one of the things that will help you recover more quickly. Sleeping and taking complete is one of the motives of doctors and physicians, so while you are on bed rest make sure that you are getting ample sleep and rest. Apart from that, this will also help you stay fresh and fulfill any deficiencies too.  

Sort files and documents

If you are able to move around and take hold of your old documents and files or if you are able to tidy up your drawer, you can do this while sitting in your bed. This will help you make the most of your time while you are resting and keep yourself organized. You can ask for help of your siblings, spouse or any other family member so that they can do the heavy lifting for you and you do not have to get out of bed or sit for too long. This doesn’t only mean organizing and sorting out your physical files and documents only, you can do the same with files on your computer as well. But do not remove files that you might be needing later on.

Read books and novels

Books are men’s best friends and even in such a situation, you can find these silent friends around you when you need them. You can always read something healthy and refreshing to kill boredom and keep yourself motivated. If you ask me, I will suggest that you should always read a success story or something that is related to fiction. Also, reading a book doesn’t mean that you can only read the hardback versions only, you can find some really good eBooks online as well.

Clear out your voicemail backup

Voicemail is one of the most amazing services that you can use while you are away and not able to attend the phone. While you were away at the hospital recovering from your ailment, many of your family members might be trying to contact you. You can try listening to them and reply to them back when you are free on bed rest and then, later on, get rid of them. One of the reasons that you should do this is to make way for other voicemail messages to reach you as many people will be trying to reach out to you while you were at the hospital. To listen to all of them and contact them back, make sure that you listen to them very carefully and clear out your voicemail backup. 

Learn how to play the guitar through online music lessons 

This is one of the best things that you can do to keep your boredom, sadness, and even depression at bay. People who are on bed rest suffer from depression if their treatment prolongs for a long time. In this case, taking up zoom music lessons and record those for reference to practice later can be a good idea. Another option for learning guitar is Classical Guitar Shed. Here you can easily learn guitar in 7 easy steps. You do not even need too much time for this, just practice as much you like. Best thing this is a free course. This will help you stay out of depression and will also help you learn a new skill even when you are in bed. 

Cuddle with your significant other

This is not only going to keep up the romance with your significant other alive but will also help you to get quality sleep time with your partner. This could be your boyfriend, your spouse, and even your girlfriend. Cuddling and sleeping next to the person you love helps you remove depression and become an aide in recovery. You can always ask you’re significant other to come over to your place if they live somewhere else and stay with you for a while.

Start listening to podcasts

Listening to podcasts is one of the best activities to keep your spirit high and to make sure that you have a positive mindset. People tend to get into depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychological disorders as well after suffering from an incident. In such a condition, one of the best things to do is to listen and watch motivational audio/visual content and make sure that you don’t stay demotivated.  You can select from a number of motivational speakers and other exceptional and experienced people who can get you some golden rules to success and some motivation to recover and get back to your routine life.  

There is no doubt about the kind of depressing and difficult situation that you might be going through in life while you are recovering from a fracture, a depressing situation, or a sickness. But there is a lot that you can do even in such a difficult situation. After getting an idea about all the things that you can do while you are on bed rest when people ask you,  “Aren’t you bored staying in bed?”, you can always answer with, “There is so much to do!” So what are you waiting for? Get on the list and make your bed rest an enjoyable one. Also, these activities are a great way to keep yourself productive and away from any bad memories associated with the unfortunate event that might have contributed to your current situation. 

Apart from the activities mentioned above, you can always add more to your list. It all depends on how motivated you are and how creative you can get to kill boredom. 

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