All You Need to Know About MBA in Marketing in India

MBA in Marketing in India

“The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people, more often and at higher prices. There is no other reason to do it.”

— Sergio Zyman

Effective businesses are run by the people, through the people, and for the people. It all comes down to that one idea and how attractively you can sell it and the necessary skills to cultivate pragmatic solutions to problems and extend ideas to deliverables comes from one of the most popular degrees in India- MBA in marketing.

The two-year program is a complete package for one to shift to top gear in their marketing career. Effective skills like market research, product strategy, and salesforce marketing are key growth points in MBA in marketing. It not only leads to a better pay package but also boosts career growth and transformation. Placements are key when it comes to MBA graduates as an MBA not only provides quality learning but also practical working experience.

The fundamental question in this article is: Why an MBA IN MARKETING?

The workflow of any business or corporate firm is classified into different segments, out of which marketing is one of the most important ones. But what specifically does an MBA in marketing bring out in an individual more than any other course in marketing? Here’s a list:

  • Developing in-depth concepts and new ideas related to marketing
  • Marketing skills enhancement through the extensive flow of ideas
  • A spike in career and advancement opportunities
  • Cultivating global experience through international seminars and exchange programs
  • Hands-on learning through increased higher-paid internships and jobs

The last two points are the highlights of any program and they point to the practical viewpoint of the advanced theory of marketing. Colleges like NIU, Noida, and NIET, Greater Noida in collaboration with Sunstone Eduversity provide extensive courses and effective learning, which stretches beyond the confines of the classroom. Their 10-day long global immersion program along with the “Pay after placement” policy guarantees 100% placements with good ROI and unparalleled industry exposure.


With the lightning speed at which the world is growing, concepts and ideas have to grow, to match the dynamic and fast-paced corporate industry. Today, MBA in marketing introduces a lot of new avenues for aspirants, developing and nurturing various aspects like:

  • Marketing research and design
  • Brand management
  • Salesforce management
  • Forecasting and modeling
  • Consumer behavioral research and analytics
  • International marketing

Through careful and practical application of key concepts, one can reach new heights in their career and develop their business aptitude, simultaneously scoring a higher pay package. There are a lot of good colleges to consider while learning the craft and honing experience. From the prestigious IIMs to the well-equipped and dynamic NIU, Noida in collaboration with Sunstone Eduversity, the main focus is on the practical application of key ideas and inventing new and more efficient ways to market and sell business ideas and products.


If you are a business professional, you know that nothing is real until there exists data to back it up with and to understand the real importance of the specialization, we need to extend the theoretical ideas into practical indications of how valuable an MBA in marketing is? What field of work can one get into? and how will one reach their dream job? Let’s have a close look at the various things you can do after graduating with the degree.

  • Market research analyst
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Brand manager
  • Sales manager
  • Media planning manager

Big MNCs like Deloitte, BCG and McKinsey are always found on the doorsteps of top colleges like IIMs, XLRI, and NIU, Noida, ready with hefty packages and attractive job descriptions to lure the best talent. Maintaining a good record in academics is important but so is the empirical application of concepts to produce a complete picture and help talent nurture and grow.

Getting a good job isn’t very difficult now with Sunstone Eduversity’s “Pay after placement” policy focusing more on getting jobs with good salaries rather than just theoretical knowledge. In collaboration with leading colleges like NIU, Noida, and Sage university, they paint a promising picture onto an aspiring student’s career.

The first thing you must do is ask yourself why you really want to do MBA in marketing, what field of work appeals to you and where do you see yourself after 5 years of graduation? A focused approach always delivers the best outcomes and that is, especially true for the business world.

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