Amazing Personalized Gifts to Send To Delhi from Abroad

One of the best ways to make someone happy is through gifts. But, did you know that you can also send this happiness by sitting miles away? If you have a loved one in the capital, you can certainly send gifts to Delhi.

It is disheartening to not be able to choose the perfect gift and mode to send. For this, OyeGifts is your one-stop-shop. It has thousands of different gifts to choose from and purchase for your loved ones that are sitting miles away from you.

One of the best types of gifts is personalized gifts. These gifts deliver personal feelings to the doorstep of your near and dear ones. 

Here are some special and amazing personalized gifts that you can send from abroad to Delhi.

Personalized Family Wall Photo Frame

If you are missing home and want to make your people feel close to you Family Wall Photo Frame is a great choice. Collect pictures from any family trips, vacations, or parties and place them for this Frame. It will surprise your family people or near and dear ones. And for your lover, this will make him/her miss you more and will add more romance to your love life.  

Photo Cake

Cakes are always a mood changer. And the Photo cake of your loved one or any family member is eye-catching. The Chocolate cake with photos along with Magical candles is more alluring and fascinating than ordinary cake. The cake tastes delicious and yummy.      

Key chain

Personalized key chains for bikes, cars, doors, gates, and Elmira will be more attractive and make you feel special. It always keeps you reminding of your loved one or family whosoever has gifted you. This will always make you feel those people close to you.

Photo bottle Lamps

A lamp in the shape of a bottle with a photo inscribed in it is very good for decorative purposes. It enhances the charm of the room and makes it more adorable. The light in the lamp keeps changing and makes it more beautiful.

Personalized Mug

Coffee lovers or tea lovers, a mug is the right gift for all. It would certainly remind the person of you each morning when the person has his or her favorite beverage in a lovely present gifted by you.

It is sure to help them make a great start and always think of you when they use the mug. Makes it special doesn’t it?

You can make it even more special by making it a personalized gift. You can add a picture or a quote and it will certainly be their favorite mug.


Perfumes are great gifts especially when you want to send them from abroad. The many varieties of scents are going to make your loved one smell unique and also sport a new brand in style!


Sweets are loved by all. Gulab Jamun, cookies, or any other sweet is going to make your loved one smile. Diabetic patients can also take a piece or two, wouldn’t do much harm. But, this gift would be special and touching for its personal touch especially when you send them their favorite delicacy.


Personalized cushions are best friends to hug tight and hide your sorrow or happiness. If you are far from home and badly missing your family member or loved one cushion is of great help to hug you tight and lower your grief. Personalized Cushion with LED fused in it is more alluring and enhances the look of the living room when left alone.


A personalized bottle to drink water or to have a protein shake in it will be more fascinating and eye-catching to many. Bottles are of day to day need and cannot be avoided from being used. When it comes to everyday use gifting a personalized bottle will be of great arrangement.


These sweet treats are loved by all, young or old. It helps them devour their sweet tooth and enjoy the sweetness. It would be great if you send them chocolates that aren’t available here. The many brands and different tastes would make them miss you even more.

These are the best gifts to send for your loved one from abroad to make them feel happy and alluring. These fascinating gifts are always heart touching and more appreciating than any other gifts to make them smile and joyful. You can easily send gifts to India within just few clicks. Make someone’s day special by sending gifts to their doorstep.

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