Are You Committing These Mistakes in The Writing Section of the PTE Exam?

The Writing Section is considered the easiest section of the PTE exam. Out of the twenty task types, there are only two task types that make up the section. These two task types are – Write an Essay and Summarise Written Text. Still, many PTE aspirants find it hard to ace this section as mentioned by the PTE experts in the online PTE training.
You might wonder why does it happen. Although you have good writing skills still it’s not working out for you in the real exam. Let us take some time and find out if you are committing the mistakes mentioned below.

Are you maintaining the word count?

It seems that most of us forget to give heed to the instructions before attempting the task type. At the very top of the task type, guidelines are provided on what exactly you have to do. The same thing happens to Writing an Essay. You need to write an essay of 200-300 words within 20 minutes.

Even after reading the instructions, many of you might cross that word count or even fall short on the word count. The PTE experts in the online PTE training say that if you are not maintaining the word count in the specified context, you are hampering the scores.

Do you use an appropriate writing format?

The format of the essay is very crucial if you want to score good marks. So, you should give it full attention while writing an essay. In the online PTE coaching, the PTE experts ask the candidates to start with the introduction where you should firmly entail the topic. Then comes the body of the essay which elaborates your point of view on the topic. At the last end of the essay with a strong conclusion.

Many of the PTE aspirants do not follow this format. As a result, they end up with a jumbled mess of paragraphs. Sometimes the test takers are not even sure about what they want to write and perform poorly in the task type. If something like that happens all the time, make sure that you start with the basics. The PTE experts are always willing to make you improve in the online PTE training.

Do you always stray away from the main idea?

It happens all the time that you cannot comprehend what to write next. But that does not mean that you should write something irrelevant. It will lead you nowhere and also will affect your scores negatively.

Then what should you do to avoid such things? As per the PTE experts in online PTE training try and understand what the question is asking about. If there is a mention of providing disadvantages and advantages, make sure you provide one. If the whole topic is asking whether you are in favour of or against the topic, then choose if you want to write in favour or against it. Stick to that point till the end.

  • Summarise written text:

The Summarise Written Text is the very first task type of the Writing section. You will get 10 minutes to draft the whole summary. The summary should be within a single sentence which means you have to use a single full stop.

Do you use a single sentence?

It mentioned on the very top of the task type to use a single sentence. This means you must summarise the written text in a single sentence. With one sentence comes a single full stop. The test takers use multiple full stops making it more than a single sentence.

The use of multiple sentences in this task type is strictly avoided as told in the online PTE training. You will lose all the scores for this task type if you are not following the criteria f answering. What you can do is you can use conjunctions and punctuation marks to make a complex sentence.

Are you copying the same text from the paragraph?

It happens most of the time. What the PTE aspirants do is that they type down the same sentences from the paragraph that is displayed. To play smart they connect the sentences with conjunctions or punctuation marks.
What the PTE experts in the online PTE training want you to understand is that the answer will be evaluated by the computer. So, anything that you do won’t go unnoticed. Ultimately you will get the least marks for the task type.

Do you review the answer before clicking on the Next Button?

The parameters that are considered for the summarise written text and Write an Essay are:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Written discourse

There is a dire need to check out spelling mistakes or any other grammatical errors. To avoid any mistakes in grammar you can use simple sentences. In the online PTE training, the experts ask you to use correct forms of tenses, verbs, nouns etc.

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