Author: SW Editor

7 Key Things to Know About CBD

Are you in love with marijuana but looking for something new? Do you have chronic pain that’s holding you back? If you answered either of these with “yes”, you may want to look into CBD, a cannabinoid currently taking America by storm. Over of adults in the United States have reported trying CBD, and this hemp component is quickly becoming […]

Your Garage Door: Repair or Replace?

Did you know June is also Garage Door Safety Month? It’s no surprise considering around  by a garage door every year. That’s why it’s critical that you understand when to repair or replace your garage door. You don’t want to get hurt by a faulty door after all! Learn the signs you should call for repairs […]

4 Top Global Health Issues of 2021

If there’s any year that has made glaringly obvious health inadequacies globally, it has been 2020. As COVID-19 spread across borders, it affected millions. Tackling the health issues it helped unearth is essential to ensuring societal progress. However, COVID-19 overtook the headlines when it came to news about health. Although it is the predominant issue […]

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