Author: SW Editor

5 Common Plumbing Problems

When you take a shower you expect no water to be puddling at your feet. However, so many things go down the drain that build-up is going to happen sooner or later. This is just one of many plumbing problems that homeowners face. Not sure what issues you should look out for when it comes […]

Storm-Damaged Roof: What to Do Now

A storm-damaged roof is not the way you want to start your day. With the taking place worldwide yearly, this is bound to happen to every homeowner at some point in time. The big question is, you have roof damage, what do you do now? Read on below to learn the answer to this question and […]

America’s Finest City: A San Diego Travel Guide

San Diego County comprises 18 different cities, each with its own unique character. All located along the Southern Californian coast, these cities are well-known for their sublime weather and amazing outdoor pursuits. But none more so than San Diego city itself. As the 8th-largest city in America, San Diego shares its border with Mexico, and […]

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