Author: Lyara Smith

I'm a traveller and tourist guide. With the experience of 10+ years in the industry of travelling, I would like to join the team where I can share my experience and hobby of writing. If you have any queries you can directly contact me at!

Show Your Blaze with a Blazer

There are different historical stories on how the term “blazer” first came about. Some say it originated in 1952 as an allusion to when Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club first wore bright red jackets that seem to blaze red. Some say it came in 1837 when HMS Blazers wore Royal Navy brass buttons in welcoming Queen Victoria. […]

What Is Alternative Lending?

Financial institutions like credit unions and banks can be precarious; only candidates with excellent credit ratings are considered. Even if one meets the criteria, the approval may take time, or when all a small business requires is a fast boost to create momentum in their industry, small firms with minimal security may face loan denials. […]

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