Author: Rahul Pandey

What is Business Intelligence and Why is it Important for a Business?

Business intelligence consists of the strategies and techniques used by companies for the analysis of business data. BI technology gives detailed, current, and historical overviews of company operations. This includes all information regarding financial, operational, marketing, staffing, technology, sales, and advertising practices as well as any process that goes into running a business. In short, […]

Automation Certification

Automation Certification is designed to fulfill the exacting requirements of executives and business owners. Yet, in the end, it can also be beneficial to mid-level managers that will implement these new techniques with their teams and workflows as well. The purpose of Automation Certification is to demonstrate that a person has specific knowledge in a […]

5 Top Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development

Flutter, an open-source, cross platform app development platform from Google, used to build hybrid mobile applications. Flutter for mobile app development enables developers to use a single codebase to develop apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Google, Fuchsia and Web. The major components of Flutter include Dart platform Flutter engine  Foundation library  Design-specific widgets […]

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