Beauty Tips for Face 8 Dos and Don’ts for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Why God, why? Is perfect skin simply too much to ask? A late-night prompts dark circles toward the beginning of the day. Got an up and coming gathering and spot a zit? Truly, we are very much aware of the fundamental CTM strategy… Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer. We attempt each new face wash, sunscreen, hostile to maturing cream that hits the market.

On the off chance that dry and dead skin, oily and patchy skin weren’t sufficient – you currently have combination skin! What’s more, we will have a go at anything under the sun to get wonderful skin.

The impeccable, flawless and break-out free skin that you’ve generally wanted is not a fantasy anymore. Here are some splendid tips for the skin you have been aiming for. Visiting a top dermatologist in Lahore can help you prepare a skincare routine perfect for you.


  1. Clean the face of cosmetics and else

Do: It is imperative that you always clean your face before bedtime and remove any makeup present on your face. Yes, it can be really hard to make such conscientious effort to remove every fleck of mascara and rub the lipstick off entirely when you are bone tired. But this is a crucial step.

Not only does leaving makeup on lead to premature aging, but it also disrupts the natural cycle of shedding off of the skin cells. Buildup of dead skin makes the complexion dull and skin lifeless. Moreover, makeup also clogs the pores, especially oil-based makeup. This consequently leads to breakouts.

Hence, do not, despite your laziness, ever leave makeup on before bedtime. An easy hack is to use any oil like coconut, olive or marula oil; put some on a cotton pad and gently slide all over the face.  And et voila, clean face awaits you!

Try not to: Exfoliation is your best friend and try not to forget it. As the skin cells die, they can dull the appearance of the face. Exfoliation and chemical peels help to remove this layer, to uncover the fresh and gorgeous skin underneath. However, be sure to not overdo exfoliation; one or twice a week is enough.

Do not try the skin hacks that use large crystals like sugar etc. for scrubbing, as the facial skin is delicate and instead gets damaged by these DIY scrubs. Therefore, go for the chemical exfoliants instead of physical ones. They also offer better results as they are more thorough in their effect due to their ability to go farther into the skin.

  1. Sun and Skin

Do: Application of sunscreen is a cardinal rule of skin care. Sun rays contain harmful radiation; UVA and UVB. These radiations penetrate deep into the skin and cause dry skin, premature aging, appearance of spots, melasma, sun burn and even cancer.

Sunscreen helps to protect against this extremely dangerous radiation. Be sure to use a broad-spectrum sunblock so that it protects against wider range of radiations. Also, use one with SPF of at least 30. Remember to also reapply the sunblock after every 2 hours.

Try not to: Skimping on the sunblock to get the freckles or the tan is not a good idea, at all. So, use sunblock religiously.  In fact, have one ready with you at all times. Also, do not rely on just the makeup packed with SPF as it does not substitute the sunscreen itself.

Moreover, even if it’s a cloudy and not a sunny day, do not skip the sunscreen as the radiations are still there!

  1. Your health will depend on the type of food you eat

Do: You are what you eat, and your skin will show it too. You skin is an organ, and thus reflects the state of your internal health, for which diet plays a crucial role. Therefore, eat a healthy and wholesome diet.

Eat fruits rich in Vitamin C –like oranges, grapefruit etc. –as it helps in the formation of collagen, is an antioxidant and also protects against sun damage. Also, eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to keep the skin thick and supple.

Similarly, foods that offer vitamin A also helpful in protecting against sun-damage. But, keeping track of all such foods can be difficult. Thus, simple, remember to eat clean, for clean skin.

Try not to: While sugar maybe your weakness, it also weakens your body and skin as well. It leads to inflammation in the body which aggravates the existing skin conditions like acne and eczema. It also promotes aging of the skin.

Similarly, processed and refined foods also are not skin-friendly. Try avoiding or at least limiting these foods for better skin and health.

  1. Work It Out!

Do: You might hate it, but exercise is the elixir of life, quite literally. Alongside promoting mental and physical health, it also is great for the skin.

When you workout, your body works hard to get the blood pumping. This improved circulation then also replenishes the nutrients in the skin cells, which glow as a result. Skin also gets rid of the toxins impairing its health as well.

Moreover, you do not have to pump iron or kill yourself in the gym to reap the benefits of exercise; moderate physical activity like a lovely stroll through the park is also good enough.

Try not to: Many people forego their skin care before and after exercise, which is a major mistake. All activities done under the sun should only be done after the application of sun block. Also, post workout cleansing is extremely important; sweat, bacteria, other pollutants if not removed, can choke the pores and cause breakouts. Hence, be sure to clean the face properly after exercise-session.

  1. Excellent Sleep

Do: Sleep is an essential need of the body and likewise, the skin. When we do not get sufficient sleep, our skin immediately absorbs its effects. Even if 1 day’s sleep is missed, our skin suffers from the consequences which are evident in the form of dark circles and puffy face.

However, these are merely short-term impacts. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to premature aging and pasty complexion. It also messes the hormones in the body, due to which wound healing is slowed down. Acne, skin psoriasis etc. thus become worse due to lack of proper shuteye.

Therefore, get your beauty sleep!

Try not to: In the eagerness for hopping into the bed, do not forget to wash your face and put on hydrating serums and creams. Water loss from the skin, when we sleep is higher, therefore be sure to add in a good moisturizer in your nighttime skin care routine.

  1. H2O to The Rescue

Do: Hydrate yourself. Drink loads of water day by day. Additionally, eat foods grown from the ground that have a high-water substance, for example, watermelon, cucumber, orange, strawberry, grapefruit and melon.

Try not to: Ignore rose water. It forestalls and diminish eye puffiness in the first part of the day, keeps up pH balance and normally hydrates your skin in the event that you spritz it on during the day.

  1. Farewell Acne

Do: Cleansing routine is important for prevention of breakouts. Bacteria on the skin, pollutants, makeup etc. on the skin can encourage the clogging of the pours, which then leads to breakout and acne.

It is hence vital to clean your face properly. Choose a cleanser as per your skin type. Those who have acne may be tempted towards using harsher cleansers but don’t! Those will strip off oils from the skin which can cause the sebaceous glands to go in an overdrive and produce even more oil than before.

Instead, choose a mild cleanser. Take a little of it and gentle massage across the face in circular motion. Do not use very hot water for cleaning face too.

Try not to: It can be tempting to pop the zits on the face, but that’s not a healthy practice. From infection to scarring, the problem posed are aplenty. Therefore, do not pop the zit directly but decrease the inflammation and it will eventually go of its own accord.

One great remedy is to first apply rose water on the area, and then cover it with a chilled pack of green tea. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of this hack will not only provide relief, but the size of the zit will also shrink.

Another important tip for those who have oily skin and wear glasses, or shades is to make sure that the rims and the nose piece is clean. These have tendency to carry facial oils so thye can aggravate the acne as well.

  1. Return to Your Roots

Do: Many skeptics are not convinced of alternative medicine or Ayurveda. However, these remedies are not conjured from imagination or thin air. These remedies are based on proper science and therefore consulting them can be very helpful as well.

The best part about these treatments is that they do not require breaking your bank account or any prescription medication; all you need is in your kitchen (mostly!).

One skin pack for glowing and healthy skin involves taking around 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, pinch of camphor, tiny amount of sandalwood and water or rose water to mix it all. Make a paste, apply to face, and enjoy supple and glowing skin!

Try not to: Forget breathing exercises!

It may astound many, but the simple act of breathing well helps in the healing of the skin. When we perform these exercises, we are not only ensuring improved oxygen supply to all the cells in the body, but these exercises are great for overcoming stress as well.

An enemy to the skin, stress reduction is crucial for healthy life and skin. Therefore, do not compromise in this rather simple activity!

Visit a top dermatologist in Islamabad to verify if the methods you are using are benefiting you.

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