Best Accessories For Speeding Up Your PC

speed up your pc with these accessories

A computer is a great asset in this digital world and if you have any of the latest ones then I am sure that you are quite happy with its working and performance. A slow and old system can become a headache especially when you have to work and the computer is busy dealing with its own issues.

It’s not just a computer working slow but it is seriously eating up your time and patience. The work that you could have completed in an hour may now take 2 or more. If you have a very old PC then the reduction in performance is natural but if you have a system which is around 2-4 years old with average specs then maybe all is not lost.

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There are a lot of ways through which you can enhance the performance and speed of your computer. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the best accessories for speeding up your PC that you can easily get. Have a look:

Speed Up PC with these Accessories

1. Replace HDDs with SSDs

HDDs or hard disk drives are the traditional storage space that consist of a hard cover, a physical magnetic disk and a reading + writing mechanical hand.

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SSDs or solid state drives are the latest types of storage devices which are out in the market for masses. They don’t have a physical disk but semiconductor chips to store data.

Needless to say HDDs being old technology are comparatively slow and big in size and SSDs are small, compact and incredibly fast. So if you are wondering why your PC lags behind then maybe a possible reason is that your computer has HDD installed in it which has slowed down over the time. So if you are using HDD replace them with SSDs and your system will be able to access information faster.

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The same goes with external drives as well. If you are using HDDs as external drives for storage then maybe it’s time for you to change them and experience the difference.

In many older computers you may not be able to connect SSDs due to lack of compatible ports on the motherboard. It is a rather new technology and old boards were not designed for it but don’t worry there’s still something that you can do. HDDs also came in two major different types they were:

1. IDE


IDE or Integrated Drive Electronics is a type of hard drive which comes with a 40 pin connector and a flat cable. The rate of data transmission is slow and there are higher chances of the cable getting damaged.


SATA or Serial AT Attachment was the next generation drive connectivity which enhanced the data transmission rates and cables were more sleek. The maximum speed for IDE was recorded at 133 Mbps which was less than the initial speed of SATA type. So this is the significant difference that you can take advantage of.


2. Increase RAM

If you are a video, graphics, audio editor or a heavy gamer then you may want to increase the memory sticks on your PC. The RAM is the place where the system stores information, files, data, applications temporarily so that it can access it easily and quickly which it cannot do from hard drives.

This data is released or cleared when the computer is shut down hence it is temporary storage. Increasing your RAM will significantly increase the performance. If you are a serious gamer then 8 to 16 GB of RAM should be enough.


If your computer was working normally but suddenly started working slow then it may be possible that your RAM got filled up and now the system doesn’t have much space to carry on.

3. Get a cleaner App

In most of the cases the computer is slowed down simply because it has too much data and junk files to handle at once. Logs, cache, cookies, browser history, failed downloads, malwares, junk files, folders, temp files, duplicate data, etc. all take up so much space that they make the system quite slow. Clearing them manually will take up a lot of time as you will have to judge each and every file, you may even miss a lot of locations to clear your data from. I would recommend you to get an application like CCleaner  to clear out junk and free up space. Both of these apps are great and quite popular among Windows users.

4. Get a Cooling Pad

If you are working on a laptop then you should get a cooling pad for it. All the computers generate heat and Desktop cabinets are designed for ample ventilation. The laptop, due to its compact design, does not have a powerful venting cap like the CPU but has just the right amount. If you are working under the sun or in hot and humid conditions then the PC can get really hot and start working slow. Cooling pad helps to keep the heat down and allows for better functioning.

Cooling Pad
So these were some of the best accessories for speeding up PCs that I wanted to share with you. Keeping your computer up to date with all the latest releases is a good practice and it also keeps the system in shape.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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