If you are bored of the rectangular boxes, you can opt for pillow boxes as they are a unique shape. There are some things that are best packaged in pillow boxes, due to their specific shape and smaller size. For your festivals or occasions, you can utilize pillow boxes for various reasons. Of course, you would have to make gifts for Christmas or other occasions, such as birthdays. There are many ways in which you can use printed pillow boxes and add them in your celebrations. Here are a few festivals and occasions on which you can make use of these unique boxes.

Treat Boxes for Halloween

Some families are just crazy about Halloween. From making costumes to decorating their homes, they are fully invested in the festival. If your family is like this, you can use pillow boxes for making Halloween even more fun. You can buy pillow boxes and fill them with candy. When kids come at night for trick or treating, you can give then printed pillow boxes. This is a different and new ways to give out candy.

To make the box, Halloween themed, you can get anything printed on it. For example, you could have the word ‘Booo’ printed on the box. If you do not want any words, you can also print bats or a ghost shaped figure on the box. This will put everyone in the spirit for Halloween and the kids would love the candy that they got from you.

Gift Boxes for Christmas

When the Christmas season arrives, one of the hardest things to decide is how to package gifts. You would know what someone likes and then you buy them the gift but you get stuck when it comes to packaging. Now, you could go with the same old packaging method for gifts but why not spice it up a little this Christmas? With pillow boxes Christmas, you can make the whole gift-giving process much more fun.

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For example, if you are giving out small gifts like a watch or jewelry item, them it will be best packaged in a pillow box. You can also get a wish printed on the box for the receiver to have a happy start to the New Year. Since pillow boxes are small, you might not have enough space to put a card inside. This is why you can just get something printed on the box as that it also a great way to convey a message.

Pillow Boxes for Parties

On most festivals, people tend to have parties as this is a great way of having everyone together in one place. Whether it is a Thanksgiving party or a get together for New Year’s Eve, you can put printed pillow boxes to good use. Party favor pillow boxes are commonly available in the market these days and you can get them in bulk for your party. Fill them up with the things that your guests would like and there you have it; a unique party favor idea.

As far as the printing is concerned, it can be anything from a festival-related wish to a joke. You just want to make sure that your guests are having a good time. If you want the guests to see what is inside their party favor boxes, you can get them window favor boxes. Some people might also like pillow boxes clear as they are quite different from the cardboard pillow boxes that you see quite commonly.

Printed Pillow Boxes for Donations

Whenever there is a festival, you should not forget those who are less privileged than you. Even in smaller ways, you have to make them a part of your celebration and there is no better way to do that than sharing food with them. For any festival, you can make pillow boxes, filled with candy or chocolate, for the kids at an orphanage or a shelter. If you have small gifts or goodies, you can also put them in the pillow box. When the kids open their boxes, they will be in for a surprise.  They will love you for the treat and when they get colored pillow boxes, it will light them up immediately.

Get Pillow Boxes Made

Pillow boxes are not like your everyday cardboard boxes which you will find in any supplier’s shop. You will have to place an order for them. First of all, make sure that you have chosen a design. If you want a window on your pillow box or you want it to be completely clear, let the manufacturing company know. After that, you have to choose printing style and method, which is the most important part of printed pillow boxes.

If you want personalized pillow boxes for any occasion or festival, you must have a design in mind for the special day. Then, the printing and shape will be according to that. Pillow boxes are normally smaller in size as compared to other boxes so they are suitable for smaller things. If you are getting pillow boxes for your personal business, go for eco friendly pillow boxes as they are quite in trend these days. Not only are they better for the environment but they also have the approval of customers. You can light up any festival with pillow boxes as they have multiple uses. Printing on them makes them even more useful for any festival celebrations.

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