How Promising Is the Desktop Publishing Industry to Future Professionals?

Desktop Publishing

Graphic designing is an always-in-demand profession because of its applications in virtually every domain from business to healthcare. Owing to this, the subject has gained a lot of relevance and is known by plenty of other names in the industry including desktop publishing.

While desktop publishing is seldom heard in the course of our daily lives, it is an integral part of product or service marketing. Desktop publishers channel their creativity into producing aesthetically pleasing content that also resonates with the target audience.

Before you rush off to search for suitable desktop publishing courses in Dublin or any other city, it can be advantageous to know more about this subject. Read ahead to learn more about the career prospects of pursuing a desktop publishing course.

What does desktop publishing involve?

Desktop publishing is really a fancy name for graphic designing in a business space. It involves lining up different computers and programmes to produce creative ads, web pages, banners and newsletters.

Desktop publishers play with blocks of text, fonts, text sizes, colours and logos to create beautiful designs and copies.

What are the career prospects of a desktop publishing degree in Ireland?

With an increasing dependence of the corporate world on creative marketing copies, a desktop publishing background can open up a lot of career options.

Ibis World reports suggest that the desktop publishing industry in Ireland has had a steady growth. The rate of growth in yearly revenue from 2015 to 2020 has been an impressive 3.3%. The annual revenue of the industry reached € 4.2 billion in 2020.

Here are a few interesting roles that you can explore with a degree in desktop publishing.

  1. Newsletter designer: Newsletters are part of many media, legal and business organisations in today’s age. They are an effective way of garnering interest among the stakeholders regarding the company’s latest services, products and events. Desktop publishers working on newsletters receives the stories for the newsletter and try to fit them in the most aesthetic way. They can employ graphics, colours and specialised fonts to do the same.
  2. Font designer: Ever noticed that different newspapers have different fonts and way of writing? This is called a typeface in the publishing industry. While some typefaces are suited for headlines and blocked texts, others are better used for captioning online articles. Font designers are hired to fix a particular typeface or develop a new one when the current ones are no longer working for the audience. These designers can either modify the existing ones or create a font from scratch.
  3. Print ad designer: The designing process for banners and ads for print productions is radically different from that for the internet. Print ad designers are tasked with creating ads that complement the overall feel and look of the print publication like magazine or newspaper.

A career in desktop publishing can help you combine your creative energies and organisational skills to produce valuable content. It can help you look for suitable positions in the high-paying corporate or marketing sphere.

Invest in a good desktop publishing programme from a reputed university to upgrade your graphic designing skills.

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