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Once in life, every child has a dream to become a pop star or rockstar. It is a very common thought. A lot of people around the world have a passion for music and has gained success in it. Some people play musical instruments just to pass time or for fun. It is proven that learning and playing a musical instrument of your own choice helps in boosting the confidence level, enhance brain development, it also increases knowledge, and improves social skills. Here are some of the great musical instruments that are very popular.

1.    The Ukelele

The Ukelele is the simplest and the easiest instrument to learn and play and one of the things that add the bonus point is that is way cheaper and smaller as compared to other instruments. The size of this instrument is perfect for the kids. As it only has four strings there is no need to think that it is going be as difficult as the guitar in terms of learning and playing. So you can learn quickly and start playing in no time. This instrument is smaller, lighter, and is easy to transfer. It requires very little time to learn. Many people learn the chords in a few days or probably a few weeks.

2.    The Piano

The piano is a classical instrument and is quite difficult to learn. The easiest way to learn the piano at home is to know the basic knowledge about its keys and some music theory. Also, you need to practice some hand and eye coordination. Since you need to play chords with both hands, there are a lot of guides, tutorials, and practice books available in the market that will help you to build up your skills. You can also learn the piano at home with the help of the internet. Most of the tutorials are available on the internet and it is the best way to learn piano on your own. You can easily learn the piano, the only thing required is the practice. If you practice regularly then you will master the piano in just a few weeks. Yamaha Piaggero NP-32 is considered to be the best keyboard to learn piano.

3.    The Harmonica

If you want the more simple and easy instrument to learn, here it is- The Harmonica. It is so small and light-weighted that it even fits in your pocket. The only requirement for this instrument is good breathing. For this, your lungs should have a decent capacity to store breath at one time. There is less chance for you to sound bad in this instrument as you only need to blow in it. The harmonica support folk, blue, and country music.

4.    The Recorder

The recorder looks similar to a flute. The recorder is the best option to start with. There is an interesting history behind it. The manufacturing of the recorder was closed down for centuries and their manufacturing resumed in the twentieth century as they became very popular. The recorder can be played by anyone from the beginners to the trained professionals. The major thing to learn for this instrument is the finger placement depending on the tune. If you master this, there is nothing more left to learn. The coordination of breath, tongue, and fingers all this at once is required to play a proper tune.

5.    An Electric Guitar

An electric guitar was invented in mid of the ninetieth century. An electric guitar is a normal guitar that requires electricity to convert the vibration of its strings. The strings of this guitar are made of metals. The electric guitar consists of six strings but some of them have up to twelve strings. The electric guitars are way easier to play than the acoustic ones. The strings of this guitar are light in weight, the neck is thin which makes it comfortable for the hands. Most of the people start to learn directly from the acoustic guitar which is difficult and then quite it. So beginners should go for electric guitars as they are easier to learn. After you know playing an electric guitar it is easier to switch to acoustic guitar. The main thing is that your finger should be developed for this instrument.’

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