Types Of Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

Making your employee recognition one important part of the workplace is very essential to improving the motivation and engagement of the employees. Employees are happy to know their efforts and hard work are getting recognized & appreciated by the company, not just by the managers but by the coworkers too. Whereas more than 80% of the organizations cite having the set employee recognition ideas, trouble comes when the employee recognition programs do not support the frequent recognition of Acrylic Awards and when recognition is coming in from the upper-level management.

Consider Contests & Gamification

Let us look at the contests you may implement by using different gamification techniques. Suppose you wish to do the weekly contest with the customer service team, then you may implement the contest where an employee who closes higher tickets by afternoon can receive the prize, like the gift card or day off work. It is one example of how including the gamification method works— elements such as competition & finishing the challenge —will help you to inspire your entire team. They will feel the friendly rivalry, and every week they may try to reach the top spot of a leaderboard.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

These employee recognition programs will prove highly effective & widely supported in the various workplace. Such an approach allows for highly specific praise & offers frequent opportunities for recognition. The research backs up the effectiveness of the peer-to-peer—the method is around 36% likely to have a positive impact on the employees & teams. Some notable advantages of the peer-to-peer recognition programs are:

  • Better performance —organizations see around 14% of increases in their employee performance.
  • Stronger company culture & morale
  • Empowering employees and managers
  • Fostering inclusivity & diversity among the teams

Gifts & Bonuses

Your recognition program and rewards do not need to be very complicated. Just think of the simple gifts your employees can appreciate, like the gift card to a coffee shop and tickets to the sporting event. However, think through the work benefits they can get whenever they meet any goal. Maybe they will get the boost on the next paycheck and priority parking spot of a time. Your company can pay to take the weekend tour or have an exclusive dinner with the executives.

When you are rewarding the whole team, you must pay for the lunch for employees, no matter whether at the restaurant and delivered in the office. All these gestures do not need to be expensive but ensure you think of some rewards that the workers will want.

Consider Informal Recognition

Such type of recognition is generally given to a person or teams for the progress toward their milestones, whenever they attain any goals, and when they complete any projects. This might come in a form of a potluck, pizza party, or a trip to a pub—a low-cost memento must be presented spontaneously. Informal recognition does not necessarily happen daily. However, it isn’t as structured as the formal recognition programs.

Rewarding the top Drivers 

Another important way of rewarding employees is keeping track of employees who contribute to the company’s success. The obvious example is rewarding the member of the sales team whenever they make the most sales.

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