Faithful Counseling Review : Is It The Best Online Christian Therapy?

faithful counseling review

As the Title of this blog you already know what i going to cover in this blog. The today blog is about faithful counselling and its detailed analysis. Faithful counselling is online therapy platform specially designed for people who want to continue therapy with same religion or same faith.

The Treatment plan designed by therapist is based on the religion’s beliefs and values and very effective. Scroll this blog to read the complete review of faithful counseling with its complete features.

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So Lets get Started!

Overview of Faithful Counseling:

Faithful counseling has 1000+ therapist available who helps users to provide mental treatment plan. Here is the short overview of Faithful counseling.

Editor Rating: 8.5/10

Product Name Faithful Counseling
Usability Mobile platforms (ios + Android Both)
HIPPA Compliant Yes
Year Founded 2013
Price Starts from $35/ Week
Payment options Credit card or PayPal
Free Trial Available  Yes, 7 Days Free Trial
Session Types Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging

Get Matched with a Counselor

Signup Process of Faithful Counseling:

To begin signup process, you need to fill a questionnaire. You will be asked question about your health, your age, your spiritual belief so you match with the right therapist. The complete question will take around 10-15 minute to complete.


When you are matched with therapist, you will be notify by email. According to professionals it would take upto 24 hrs to match with your therapist.

According to VeryWellMind:

“While the questionnaire was ok, when it comes to religion and spirituality, having a customer service agent interact with the patient to get a good sense of their needs would be far more effective than just an automated questionnaire.”


Faithful Counseling has clearly stated that you do not have to be Christian or religious to use the services that means that non-believers can also use this website. once you are matched your therapist you can directly send message and start the conversation.

In case when you get reply from your therapist and you are not on screen you will be get a notification. you can connect with your Counselor in 4 ways.

1. Private Room: After Signup a private room will be created where you can send message to your therapist 24/7.

2. Live Chat: With this option you can schedule appointment with your therapist and have text based conversation.

3. Call: With this option you can schedule a voice call with your therapist

4. Video conferencing: With this option you can do a video chat with your therapist face to face.

Get Matched with a Counselor

Areas Covered by Faithful Counseling:

The counselors of faithful counseling are certified and able to solve problem with the perspective of religion. Below are the problem Therapist of faithful counseling can treat:

Anxiety disorders Relationship issues Parenting problems
anxiety addiction Eating disorders
relationships eating family conflicts
parenting sleeping LGBTQIA+ matters
grief religion self-esteem

Price Details of Faithful Counselling:

Below is the price and subscription plans of Faithful Counselling.

1. $80\week billed weekly: In this plan you will get unlimited messages and live session for seven days.

2. $65\week billed monthly: In this plan you will get 4 weeks unlimited messages and weekly live sessions for $260.

3. $45\week billed quarterly: In this plan you will get 3 months unlimited messages and weekly live sessions for $540.

4. $35\week billed yearly: In this plan you will get 12 months unlimited messages and weekly live sessions for $1820.

Pricing-Details-faithful counseling

If you want to cancel the subscription for any reason you can do it anytime. Remember if you cancel the plan mid of month you have to pay for full month to services.

Pros and Cons of Faithful Counseling:

Pros of Faithful Counseling Cons of Faithful Counseling
7 day Free Trial You will be assigned therapist based on therapist, Matching Agent will work the best in the situation.
Unlimited sessions  with your therapist Sometimes answers from the therapist can seem less personal.
Session Types: Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging Therapist Response time can vary
They Provide worksheets for better result
 free of cost educational seminars.
Financial Aid is Available if you can’t afford.
you can use “Shred” button next to each message so it will no longer show in your account.
Non-followers and believers can also opt this therapy.

Is Faithful Counseling Secure?

Faithful counseling is completely secure. Therapist of faithful counseling are abide by state laws that means they can not share any user information to anyone. Even faithful counseling don’t have access to your data.

Additionally They have:

1. 256-bit encryption

2. “Shred” button for extra security

3. Servers are hosted with  “A Grade” facility.

4. They Follow modern technology and  encryption system so malicious theft can not enter their system.

And the best part is, you can make your account more secure by choosing a nickname. At the time of signup you may pick any nickname so other can not identify you. you will be asked your personal information when you decide to start the therapy, that is only for emergency purpose.

how faithful counseling is secure

Users Review of Faithful Counseling From

Many Positive Reviews in found on trustpilot about this therapy of them is:

Strongly would recommend! I have now been having weekly video calls with my counselor, Barbara Lee, for over one year. She has helped me to make major progress in many aspects of my life (including my sleep schedule, nutrition, setting boundaries, work-life balance to name a few). faithfulcounseling platform is straight forward and so convenient to make mental health a priority.


One negative Review also i found about faithfulcounseling:

Faithful Counselling is a website from hell. And I rarely used such an hypoboilized term had I not personally encountered the choking tentacles of a monster website who would not let go.

First, You are asked to fill out a personal profile and synopsis of the problem you wish to be helped. The nightmare begins:-

“Begin counseling with Dr. Vaillancourt (PhD, LMFT, LADAC). Pay only $80 USD/week, charged every 4 weeks. Write or read messages as often as you like. Switch to any of our 3,000 therapists if needed. Cancel online at any time for any reason.
If you can’t afford counselling, you may be eligible to receive financial aid – click here to apply”.

Whichever way you turn the messages are hard on your heels ; corralled like a herd onto the only spot you can go. Which is, to click ” start your counselling session now.” Or , if good sense prevailed , to get out of the insidious website.

What madness, may I inquire, has overtaken this Faithful Christian Counselling services.?


You can check more here

Bottom line:

So Christian counselor is helpful if you are looking for affordable support option from Christian counselor although non-believers can also join. You can also avail financial aid if you in need. If you are not sure you can also try 7 day free trial, According to my research any Christian counseling service do not provide free trial.

Ready to get started?

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if you are in crisis or life threatening conditions it is suggested not to go for Betterhelp or any online therapy options. Instead call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

Note: I may receive compensation from BetterHelp or other sources if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.





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