How Content Discovery is essential to create engaging content

If you are such a person who runs out of topic ideas to write on related to your niche, then discovering content is what you need.
Now let’s dig into What is Content Discovery? It is the process of identifying what the public is searching for and creating content that provides it. It is a method by which you can use to create up-to-date and trending content for increasing your brand popularity and building relationships with existing and potential clients, customers, partners, and potential prospects.
It gives you a bunch of ideas to write on your keyword or niche. You can also keep a close eye on what your competitors are writing easily without spending hours on surfing their sites.

Content marketing is not about simply posting content on your blog and hoping that the people who are looking for it will find it. Rather, it is about weaving yourself in the shoes of the potential customer and knowing where they’re at and how they feel before you weave yourself into the social media arena. You need to engage your audience and know their friction points, so you can reduce them.

Building Audience Trust to Increase Brand Awareness:

You need to build trust and credibility by engaging with content discovery and providing value to your audience. This will not happen overnight, it always takes time to build relationships with your listeners. The more time you invest in creating meaningful content, the more chances you have to increase your audience size and brand awareness. Using a content discovery platform can be quite useful in helping you create engaging content.

As far as content creation goes, you need to connect with other people who have an interest in your niche and the products and services that you sell. You want to do this through blog posts, articles, blog commenting, forums, social networking, or even using other platforms to build relationships.

To make a good post, you should include relevant information, news, or other related content that your audience can relate to or enjoy. For example, when you post a new blog entry, you should create a new topic based on the most recent news and trending topic of discussion. Post a comment on another blog entry and offer your opinion on it. Write informative blog posts to attract new viewers and to create interaction between your audience and you.  You’ll be surprised at how well this works.

If you have a blog and a social media account, use tools like Content Studio and Buffer to interact with them. Use it to share news or blog updates. Use it to interact and provide information. Use it to answer questions and comments left by existing and potential customers.
The discovery feature of ContentStudio app looks like this:

Writing your keyword will give you a bunch of ideas like this

Content creation is not something that should be taken lightly. Create quality, informative content to help your audience and make it easier for them to find your content in search engines. Instead of just posting content hoping they will find it, create value and build relationships.

Create quality content and people will come to rely on you for information. Instead of posting content and hoping people find it, use social media tools to give them relevant information. Create content and people will find it and come to trust you and your company.


One of the things an online marketer needs to consider is traffic. You need to build a community so that people can easily find your content and come to depend on it. People want to feel important and want to be included in discussions.

Discovering content is more than just writing. You need to provide good content that people can use to add value to your business. Create meaningful and educational content and the people will find it and feel connected to you and your business.
Providing your audience and customers with useful and helpful content will not only increase brand awareness but slowly you will be their go-to blog for any sort of tips and hacks they are looking for.
Get your content written by an expert in the niche who can also share their experience with the audience and not only rewrite what is already available on the web. People are looking for unique content all the time, something new that is not in their knowledge already. 

Adding Value to Your Brand Through Content and Backlinks

Creating content also means that you have to have a way to track your results and track your success. You need to monitor how many visitors you get, which keywords work best for your target audience, and which sites or blogs are generating the most traffic, and which keywords bring in the most visitors. and which sites you should be focusing on or adding new content to.

The better the content, better will be your backlink history since nobody wants to link to bad, short and spammy content that provides useless information. Another tip is to only write on topics people are searching for across the web for example If you don’t have a Covid related post to your blog already, then you’re not following the trends at all. 

Some other factors to keep in mind as you write : 

  • A good page design – page design matters a lot to get the reader to stay on the page and enjoy your content. Nobody wants to stay on a page for more than 2 seconds with a bad layout and bad format. 
  • A clean page without ads: Honestly, nobody likes to put in the effort of blocking the popups before they read your blog. Keep your blog page clean of annoying ads. 

Sharing Your Content Through Social Channels:

An important follow up to creating content is sharing it via a social channel to increase reach. According to Venngage, You should spend 40% more time promoting your blogs via social and email than writing it. 

Automation sharing is what helps here, use an automation tool that automates sharing your blog to all your social channels and an email marketing tool to send out a newsletter to your subscribers the instant it is published. 

Importance of Sharing Your Blog to Social Media

Sharing your new blog to social channels increases its reach to your audience from where comes the traffic that boosts your ranking. A good piece of content gets shared or even people backlink to your blog which will skyrocket your reach and work as a ranking factor for the search engines. Search engines rank your blog on the basis of clicks and number of shares on social media.
On social media, blog post sharing is far more than cost-effective. You are reaching out to a large pool of free traffic. At different times of the day, it’s smart to post content and share it. It shouldn’t take long to see positive results as long as the target group is suitable and appropriate.

Finally, content creation is all about creativity which Instasize can help you with. . You need to think about what your audience needs and look for ways to deliver it. The key to being successful in content marketing is thinking outside the box and not just sticking to the usual formats that you know. Instead, use the right content marketing strategies to gain maximum results.

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