How to Make It Big As a DJ

Making it big as a DJ can be extremely challenging, as you need to be able to perform at a high level and constantly build your brand. Many people struggle to make it big as a DJ, often failing to get their careers off the ground. Many others are able to make a small name for themselves but are unable to push their careers to the point where they are a big name. So how can you overcome the hurdles that come with being a DJ and establish a name for yourself? Here’s how to make it big as a DJ. 

Have the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is key to making it big as a DJ. In the world of DJing, the difference between good equipment and bad equipment is very noticeable. In addition, most of your first gigs will require you to use your own equipment, meaning if you don’t have a quality setup then your performance will suffer. You’ll never make it as a big-time DJ with lousy equipment, which unfortunately means that you’ll have to shell out some cash to land some high-quality equipment. However, if you plan on making it big then this investment will be well worth it and should pay itself off eventually. 

Practice Often

As with anything, practice makes perfect, and DJing is no different in that regard. It may take a while for you to truly learn what you’re doing, and practicing often can help you improve greatly. In addition, practicing often can help you find a style of DJing that you are most comfortable with, allowing you to form an identity and brand for yourself. Finally, experimenting with different styles during practice can allow you to be more comfortable DJing with different styles of music, widening the number of viable gigs for you to take. You might not think that practicing by yourself is valuable as a DJ, but before you can make it big you need to put in the work. 

Promote on Social Media

A key part of being a successful DJ and getting noticed is using social media to promote your work. Many of the top DJs post their creations and work on their social media platforms, ranging from top Houston club DJs to the best L.A. DJs. These DJs promote their best work on their social media platform, boosting their brand and helping them secure future gigs. Using social media to promote your work can help in two ways, as it can either get venues to contact you or you can show it to other venues as a portfolio of sorts. No matter how you use social media, the ability to use it effectively to promote your work is key to making it big as a DJ. 

Frequently Take Gigs

While practicing by yourself can be a great way to improve, that isn’t all you need to do to make it big as a DJ. Just practicing alone won’t prepare you for all of the nuances that come with being a DJ. For example, how good are you at reading a crowd and reacting to what they like? How will you handle song requests and other interactions with guests? Will you have stage fright and anxiety, hampering your ability to perform? These are all things that can’t be emulated by practice alone, so you need to frequently take gigs to actually prepare yourself. In addition, taking gigs will allow you to build a name and reputation for yourself, earning recognition from your peers as you slowly make your way towards the big time gigs. 

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