How to Tell If You Need a New Transfer Case

Need a New Transfer Case

Whether it is a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, every car has a transfer case. This component is responsible for taking power generated by the vehicle’s engine while distributing it to all four wheels. Ideally, it helps the car in many ways, such as getting more traction, off-roading, going down a steep hill, or driving on a slippery surface.

Also, it is essential to note that every vehicle will have its individualized type of transfer case. Some of the common examples include the gear-driven, chain-driven, standalone parts, while others are integrated into the design of a car’s transmission. Other transfer cases will need the driver to shift them manually, while others are moved electronically or even at best without any effort.

Regardless of the type of transfer case a car is having, the need for it to be working correctly and in good condition is never a matter to compromise. Otherwise, it could bring extensive damage to the transmission and other parts around the areas when it is not in good condition. For this reason, it is always an excellent idea to be on the lookout and listen for any signs of complication the transfer case may have. Some of the characters that will inform a driver of any issue with the transfer case include:

Strange Sound Coming from Underneath the Vehicle

Ideally, sound from beneath the car could be due to many errors and problems. But often, the transfer cases could be the ones to blame for the better part of the issue. A grinding or clicking sound may imply that the transfer case is falling or is losing touch with its other components. The best move is getting the car checked and replacing the transfer case if it is a problem.

Difficulty in Shifting Gears

When one notices that the transmission gears are not shifting smoothly as required, then the transfer case may be the problem. Usually, every car, whether manual or automatic, has gears that should be smooth to change while driving. Should they prove otherwise, then that is a clear indication of a severe problem with the transmission, but above all the possibilities, the transfer case could be a problem.

The Car Won’t Stay in Four-Wheel Drive

It is a general expectation that a car stays in a four-wheel-drive until the driver chooses otherwise. However, with a faulty transfer case, a driver will find it challenging to keep the vehicle in a constant four-wheel drive state, which is usually a clear sign to consider transfer case inspection and possible replacement.  Getting help from a mechanic to check the car may reveal the transfer case is faulty.

Leaking Fluids Under the Care in the Transfer Case Area

It is common to see fluid leaking from below the car. Many times, it could be motor oil or transmission fluid to anything like steering fluid. However, when the liquid is coming directly from the transfer case position, it could be an excellent idea to seek mechanical service for evaluation and correction where possible.

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