Important Facts to Remember while travelling from Mumbai to Delhi

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Traveling from Mumbai to Delhi for a conference or just for a trip? Though the travel may take you just 2 hours or so, there are some major differences that you should know between the two cities. Here are some eminent facts that you should surely take care of while you are traveling from Mumbai to Delhi, especially for the very first time.

The Travel:


If you are traveling for the first time, you should check out the right mode to travel. There are many trains available between the cities, but if you are not someone who can be comfortable in trains, the best idea is to select a flight service. Currently, there are many options in Mumbai to Delhi flight, if you are searching for it.

If you have some time in hand, make sure to book the flight tickets much in advance. If you are booking the tickets in advance, you can get a flight at a time that will be comfortable for you. Also, booking the flight tickets in advance will let you have tickets at a much cheaper cost than usual. The more you will delay, the higher the ticket cost will be.

The Weather:

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Apart from travel, you also need to take care of the weather conditions in both places. Mumbai has a climatic condition that is mostly warm. Even during the extreme winters, the weather in Mumbai is quite comfortable. But this is just the opposite in the case of Delhi during the winters. The temperatures soar down extremely and it can be extremely chilly during the evenings and nights. Hence, if you are coming from a warm place like Mumbai, you may feel even more chilled during the winters. So, if you are planning to travel during the winters or around, make sure that you are carrying enough warm clothes with you.

Convenience and Lifestyle:

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If you have got your own vehicle, you do not have to think much whether it is Mumbai or Delhi. But if you do not have that, you have to think about the options to travel every day. In Mumbai, you may have got the convenience of the local trains to take you to far places. But when you are in Delhi, you will be able to avail the metro trains in place of the local trains. Apart from this, you can avail autos and cabs in the same way how you do in Mumbai.

Another important thing to talk about is food. Be careful, if you do not have the habit of eating too much oil. In Delhi, you will get most of the food deep-fried or with extreme spices. Butter remains the main ingredient in most food items. So, you need to take care of the food items that you select.

India boasts different cultures in different parts of the country. If you are traveling from one culture that is Mumbai to another that is Delhi, you may notice several differences. Just be aware of these facts and you will have a great trip between the two cities for whatever purpose you have.

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