Journey of Ranu Mondal from Street to Stardum

ranu mondal

“Some people chase degrees some chase dreams. 

Some retire while some aspire even after every fall.”

Although we cannot hold up in life consistently at all time, but at a certain point of time, we feel like giving up. Only dreams can drive you far, serving as the fuel to help running the marathon of life continuously. There also goes a saying that not everyone can harbor dreams, they are pretty much meant for the doers, rest all are just happy to see the starlight from far.

We have this misconception that we see the dreams instead the reality suggests that the dreams catch us considering our capabilities and analyzing our action quotient. They is also a belief that the dreams are certain ideas revolving in the universe, who find their way through individuals to become reality. The acceptance is only an individuals’ choice.

Like when some of us get to fulfill our dream luckily at an early stage of career, we tend to not understand its value and tag them as an ordinary function of life. Sometimes, we are even unaware of the light that we were getting all the way, while others are busy paying a costly fare to reach each level.

Nothing comes for free, but the dedications drive the steams that ushers the engine of passion to endure the pain till reaching the success mount. Similar to what, one case we recently heard off was of the rising star RANU MARIA MONDAL, popularly known as Ranu Mondal.

YouTube and the internet is a full house already with an innumerable range of video sensations on her sudden success. She is perceived to intensively level the voice of the legendary Lata Mangeshkar in Bollywood. This story just didn’t stop giving the viral effect.

Ranu Mondal is known to be a resident of Nana Ghat in West Bengal. Her real name is also presumed to be RENU ROY, who was being married to Bablu Mandal and was thereby shifted to Mumbai. As we know, there are gloomy days in life, not all days are ruled by the sun. After living the years of happiness, there came a day when she became all devoid of happiness, due to the sad demise of her husband.

Well, the story starts here. When the happy days retire, then the real star story is unveiled or becomes alive. She begged, on stations, but never left the power of her lost dreams to weaken, in her everyday struggles. She used to carry her life amid the railway station, where the passersby gave her coins as a sign of gratitude, and this went for quite a very long time.

Then finally god smiled and she moved to the next chapter of her life, leaving the real-life livelihood struggles behind. She has already made her debut in Bollywood in partnership with known music director Himesh Reshammiya, and also sung another beautiful piece AADAT, for Salmaan Khan hit DABAANG 3.

Well, this is the talk in the whole countryside, for now, the spotlight has caught on its new guest, let’s see who is the next.

Though controversies regarding her daughter have also been highlighted, that oddly shows that if we remain faithful to our dreams, then everything else will itself adjust. Akin to Ranu mam, who even after suffering such a painful life, kept on singing, thus taking her dream with her to every path she moved along.

At a certain point in life, we always need to consult our conscience, what is it that in actual, is just not needed, not even desired, or not getting otherwise benefitted, but only what our heart calls for.

As what the heart is needed, the mind can never deny working or struggling for it. Because we can then go as far-reaching unlimited heights and to freaking distances without giving up and getting tired for a long time. Because dreams take their exam and decide the level of their difficulty itself, just to test the capacity to deserve, before trusting.

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