Review About The Oris Aquis Timepiece

Oris Aquis Timepiece

Oris brand is one of the favorites among watchmakers in the world right now. Suppose you ask why it is simply because of its strategy and its trajectory that give sense to its users. While many watchmakers in the market disappoint their clients, the Oris brand puts some great impression on their watch users.

In 1904 both Paul Cattin and Georges Christian started the brand. The same as the other brand we know today, the brand also first started in Switzerland. People first knew them for their pocket timepiece and their alarm clock. They first started their wristwatch timepiece in the 1960s, which was now the best seller timepieces they have. Here is one collection.

The Appearance of the Oris Aquis Timepiece

We all know that a timepiece, especially a wristwatch, is essential to be eye-catching. It is more valuable if that wristwatch comes with excellent materials and the world’s best movements. Fantastically the Oris Aquis is one of the most eye-catching watches you can have. It also comes with the best movement and superior materials.

Most of the models in this particular collection are both sleek and straightforward. The brand never exaggerates their timepieces’ designs; instead, they make it more classic, and we all know classic style will never go out of style.

In this collection, you can also have tons of functional and aesthetic options for your wristwatch. The users can choose alternative materials, exciting combinations of colors, diamond-encrusted bezels, and clocks. The Oris Aquis collection is the best fit for divers out there.

Materials for the Oris Aquis Timepiece

The materials that are used for these timepieces are the materials you would expect for luxurious watches. It comes with sapphire crystals, tons of exciting choices for its strap, and it is also using a stainless steel case.

Movement for the Oris Aquis Timepiece

Like every other watchmaker’s collection, the movement used for your timepiece will always depend on the model you will avail from the certain watchmakers. In this area of the article, we will talk about the Oris Aquis timepieces’ specific movements.

For the Oris Aquis timepieces modes, the much more affordable watch, they use the Oris Calibre 733, while other models also use the Oris Calibre 743. But no matter what model you choose from this collection, you will still get the best quality of the brand’s movements. Oris never cut costs on the machinery they have for their groups.

The Oris Aquis General Craftsmanship

Tons of the models from this collection come with a 300 meters water resistance; In comparison, this collection’s luxurious models can go up to 500 meters. The craftsmen that the watchmakers put into their timepieces are extraordinary. The Aquis timepiece you have can hold up with the drops from heights, whether water and many more.

What Makes the Models of the Oris Aquis Special

Are you now wondering what makes this collection so extraordinary? Well, we have already discussed the best benefits you can gain from purchasing one model from this collection. The Oris Aquis will compete for one of the best diverse watches in the market with a price tag that is not that heavy for your wallets.

The Date Blue Dial Model of the Oris Aquis

This model is why the Oris Aquis collection is well known, or they also call this collection the diver’s timepiece. One of the features that make this model noticeable is its sleeker appearance than the model that it is following.

The bracelets that are used for this model are interchangeable that makes it more exciting. You have two options for its bracelet, either leather ones or rubber straps. The timepiece comes with a water resistance that can go up to 300 meters, suitable for scuba diving, swimming, and even snorkeling.

The Oris Aquis Limited Edition Hangang Automatic Green Dial

This particular limited edition model from the Oris Aquis comes with a green dial that makes it unique from others. The case that is shaped in a circle and uses steel comes with a size of 43.5mm. They used an Oris 743, base SW 220-1 for its movement. It is Automatic that has 28 jewels and an hour reserve of 38hrs.


A specific thing you look at on timepieces upon purchasing is its price range at most, especially the type of watch you are purchasing. Many users look for a watch that only costs $1000 up to $2000, and the Oris Aquis is the best fit for that budget. Now the only thing you need to do is browse the market for some Oris Aquis watch.

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