Tips on How to Pick a Bathroom Paint Color

Bathroom Paint Color

Bathrooms are an essential part of a house. It is where one goes to wash away the sweat tiredness experienced during the day. It therefore, needs to be calming, soothing and refreshing to serve its purpose.

One of the best ways to make sure your bathroom brings a calming ambiance is through the color and paint you apply to it. You may decorate it to your liking, whether you prefer it dark or brighter. You can consider this when building your new home.

You don’t have to reconstruct s bathroom to look good; paint could bring the change you are looking for. They are better than wallpaper as they can withstand steam and water. Also, make sure that the color you choose is in line with other elements in the given space. This is because color also either adds to the beauty or dulls it, depending on how you plan with the colors.

White is a good color for the bathroom because it never gets out of trend. Blending it with darker colors such as black makes it even more perfect. It also reflects light making it brighter. In addition, white makes the room look bigger, especially if the ceiling is white or bright colored too.

The bathroom colors need to be directly proportional to the design. Designs vary from traditional with features like ornate to a modern bathroom with amazing tabs. Modern bathrooms go well with white color, considering how streamlined they are. Also, any bright hue makes a good appearance.

On the other hand, a traditional bathroom could go with whichever color. You may use a bright color to make a bold statement and a soft shade to make the bathroom appear warmer. Bright colors are good for rooms with no openings as they reflect light.

Colors and how they Impact a Bathroom Space

Bright White

Makes the room look sophisticated, it also makes smaller spaces appear big. Be sure to have your hue blend with other elements in the room for a good flow of color.


Good for contrast-enhancing. You may brighten it by combining it with a lighter hue. Also, you may make the room moody by adding the black to another dark hue.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Bright colors like pink make for a good appearance in a modern bathroom. You may mix it with other brighter colors like white or even dark hues.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a modern or traditional bathroom; yellow makes it more playful and cheerful. This color may make you want to squeeze your bed in there.

Blue Gray

This color has with it immense depth compared to other shades of gray and blue. Having it in your bathroom will give it a bold look creating a statement.

Light Gray

Gray is a spectacular color. It’s actually trending as people are acquiring gray furniture and even beddings. For the bathroom, it would look good on sinks and on bathtubs. It will also be a good substitute for the color white that is always spotted on bathtubs. All you need to do is make sure it blends well with the ceiling and the tiles.

Mint Green

This color exudes serenity and screams tranquility. Having it in your bathroom will bring a relaxing mood to the user.

Aqua Blue

This color brings an ambiance to a spa considering it has an ocean feel. Besides, it works for both traditional and modern types of bathrooms. It’s relaxing, especially when one goes for a shower after a long day. It makes you feel like you are in a pool.

Cobalt Blue

There is no magical combination that beats blue and black. They marry well, creating a royal and crispy look. The hue also brightens the space making it look bigger.

Color is an important element of a room, especially a bathroom. It makes it either look big or small, depending on the chosen hues. Color also adds or takes away from the sophistication of a room.

As seen above, bright colors such as bright gray make for very good bathroom sinks and bathtubs. All you need to remember is to ensure that the color proportions blend well in the room and flow naturally for a better aesthetic view.

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