Best Platform to find Tuition Assignments in Singapore

Tuition Assignments in Singapore

As most of you would know, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way that most schools are teaching their students, mostly in the form of online lessons. 

Naturally not all students would thrive off this sudden change, as they find themselves unable to adapt well. The switch from face to face lessons to online ones reduces the ability of educators to keep a close eye on their students, hence, making micromanagement difficult. 

Thus, more students would be seeking additional help in the form of tuition, especially private tuition, where a tutor can address the learning needs of the student one on one. As such, the demand for tuition increases, and more Tuition Assignments in Singapore are available. 

Seeing this, you might be keen on the idea of offering your tuition services! Luckily, there are many ways that you can go about doing so- through finding tuition on your own by reaching out to those you know, putting out advertisements, etc. 

Using an agency, however, would be the most effective method, and the option that most tuition teachers opt for. Here are a few reasons why…

It is easy to register yourself as a tutor

Registration as a tutor nowadays is made incredibly easy and accessible, as it can all be done online! Not to mention, it is completely free of charge. 

Simply filling in your relevant information and qualifications can be done quickly and anywhere with the internet! Just make sure to prepare your relevant documents or information, such as academic grades or educational qualifications.

Sourcing for students made easy and convenient 

Once you’ve registered yourself as a tutor, you need not worry about sourcing students on your own, as the agency would provide that for you, saving you the trouble. Self-sourcing students can often be incredibly time consuming and requires a lot of effort, not to mention, rather slow. 

However, with the help of an agency, the process is much faster! Additionally, the agency takes into consideration your location and sources students that are near you, making travelling convenient and easy. 

Given that agencies such as ChampionTutor are well-established and very recognisable, most parents of students would turn to such agencies to source for tuition as well. Hence, by registering with an agency, you would be tapping into a large market!

On the same note, most parents (or some students, themselves) would turn to agencies first when seeking tuition, given that agencies also provide them with a wide variety of tutors to select! Thus, further assuring you more students to tutor.

With this being said, marketing is not something you have to worry about either, which would typically be the case, should you choose to teach without aid from an agency.

Long term and overall benefit

Using agencies like ChampionTutor would naturally offer you a long term or overall benefit, given that it is the most effective way of sourcing many students quickly.

Not to mention, the commission that is paid to the agency is only for the first payment cycle, after that, tutors will collect payment from clients in full. Hence, in the long run, it still benefits the tutor, given that they no longer have to spend time sourcing for students!

Additionally, as long as you remain registered under ChampionTutor, you will continue to receive offers to teach from students requesting tuition. Thus, you would be able to teach more students whenever it is convenient for you to do so. 

Hopefully, this article will help you in attaining more tuition assignments faster, all the best!

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