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honest regain counseling review

According to Data couple counseling has a huge positive impact. Regain is one of the platform provide online couple counseling efficiently. My and my husband used regain counseling for one and half year and it seems like we both were enjoying the time when we want to work on our relationship and make it stronger.

So we both decided to share our regain experience with you guys. How our decision of regain couple therapy was a life changing decision.

Regain Counseling Overview:

Regain is a HIPPA Compliant online couple counseling platform that focuses on providing relationship issues. you can avail this services anytime from anywhere. Regain was founded in year 2016. you can communicate with your therapist via text, video, voice and messaging.

Regain has also started giving 7 Day free trial to the people who are unsure that they want therapy or not. You can use this service over mobile and desktop both.

How to Sign up With Regain Counseling:

To get started with regain you need to fill the questionnaire. For me it was around 20 minute process and ideally it will take 20-30 minutes to complete the process.

In my case we both were ready to take couple therapy but if your partner is not ready, then also you can join regain therapy. They will ask you prior whether you need individual counseling or couple counseling. Choose one of them and if you are unsure, go for third option.

Get Started with regain

After you will be asked how you want to work on your relationship. whether you want to work on your communication or you both want to find a healthy way to fight.

Benefits of regain counseling

Now you will be asked to fill your therapist preferences like you want female or male counselor, he or she should be religious or not, etc.

counselor preferences

After this you need to create an account, fill the information, after this you will get an email for confirmation. We were matched with Patrick Hoekstra and it took hardly 5 minutes to match. We checked our counselor profile and specialties and we got the counselor according to our preference.

Email verification

The Most Exciting part of regain therapy was that we both can join the session at a time with text and audio calling. there was no 3 way video session feature available. so if my and my husband wanted to join video session then we have to be at a same place.  Patrick was very good with us and he find very quickly what our relationship needs.

Matched with Counselor

We were never be in counseling earlier so this was a quite new experience for both of us and trust me we both forget completely that we and our therapist were talking from different places. We were so into conversation and grow together.

Pricing Details of Regain Counseling:

Regain price ranges from $60 to $90 per week (billed monthly). You will be charge $288 if you choose monthly plan. If you think therapy is not affordable to you then you can always Click here to check financial aid eligibility.

Check financial aid eligibility

What I Like about Regain Counseling and What I Don’t:

What I Like about Regain Counseling What I Don’t Like about Regain Counseling
Available for Desktop and mobile both. No Human Guide while Signing up.
Couple can join Therapy Session being at different place. Therapist Response time can vary
Individual and couple counseling both at a same price. No 3 ways Video Sessions.
All The Therapist are experienced in Solving Relationship Issues.
Provide Worksheet for Improvement.
7 Days free trial.

Final Words:

As i said earlier me and my husband both never were never into any counseling but regain counselling made this very easier for both of us. For Most People cost is the issue while thinking about counseling here is the plus for regain. it is very affordable and doesn’t cost extra if you want to add your couple in your counseling.

Now it has been 2 years we both are going to marriage counselling and we both saw changes to our relationship like we have healthy discussion now, we both share our problem and try to solve them, even if we are having a fight its healthy.

Trust me we doing great now.

Thank you regain for helping both of us.

Ready to get started?

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