Spectrum TV Application Invites You to a Great Cable TV Experience

If you have subscribed to Spectrum TV, then you get to use the Spectrum TV application with it. Just like the TV package, the app allows HD streaming and on-demand primetime services. If you are not familiar with this app and its features, here is everything you must know about the Spectrum TV app.

Spectrum TV App Offerings

Spectrum TV application is specifically designed for customers who use Spectrum TV services. Using this application, customers get to stream their desired channels or shows from multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and even computers. The only thing you must ensure to use this app is that your respective device must be connected to the internet. 

You can get a discount on your cable charges if you decide to opt for a Spectrum bundle which may include two or more services i.e., Spectrum Internet, Spectrum TV, or Spectrum Phone. The Spectrum TV application can be downloaded from various platforms such as Amazon Store, Google’s Play Store, or Apple’s App Store. 

How does This Application Stand Out?

The Spectrum TV application offers various noteworthy features. The function of this app is not limited to streaming TV shows only (irrespective of the location). It has several other features that enhance your overall home TV experience. Let’s suppose that you, your better half, and your kids all like to watch different shows. You can watch your desired show on TV while the kids can log in via tablets or smartphones to watch their beloved show. Problem solved! This also means that multiple people can use this app at the same time on different devices without any interruption.

Apart from that, users of the Spectrum TV application can:

  • Create their own favorite category to set up a channel preference
  • Set up and customize parental control settings
  • Filter shows based on channel numbers, networks, or categories, etc. 
  • Watch TV shows on a compatible device without having to attach another cable box

The Cost

Spectrum TV application is completely free for the users of Spectrum TV, regardless of the fact that whether or not they have subscribed to a TV package. However, the range of available channels varies based on the subscribed TV plan (i.e., Select TV Plan, Silver TV Plan, or Gold TV Plan). 

Device Compatibility 

As mentioned before, the Spectrum TV application can be used with a wide range of devices. Users of this app can access it through the following devices in addition to the ones already stated above.

  • Apple’s TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Amazon’s Fire Tablet
  • Xbox One
  • Roku

Minimum Compatibility Requirements for Devices

To be able to fully use the Spectrum TV application features, it requires a few minimum compatibility requirements. 

  1. The chosen compatible device should be updated to the latest operating software. For example, a few compatible devices with minimum operating systems include:
    • Samsung smart TV 2012 and above
    • Android 5.0 or later 
    • Windows 8.1 or later
    • Apple TV fourth generation or later
    • iOS version 12 or later
    • Mac OS 10.12 or later
    • Roku third generation or later
  1. To fully enjoy the Spectrum TV application without any interruptions, you must use an internet service with no less than 10 Mbps speed for each compatible device.

Popular Features of Spectrum TV App

Some of the most popular features offered by the Spectrum TV application include:

  1. TV-Anytime Regardless of Location: 

As long as you have access to the internet, you can watch your desired shows on the move, anytime and anywhere. 

  1. Variety of Available Programs: 

The Spectrum TV application caters to people of all ages. Everyone gets to watch what they like with a wide range of available content.

  1. Parental Control: 

As briefly mentioned before, the Spectrum TV application allows you to set up parental control for your little ones. You can customize it as per your kids’ ages and preferences. Moreover, this app allows you to create a 4-digit pin that can be used to lock out the channels or shows that you don’t want your kids to watch.

Simply Put

To sum it up, the Spectrum TV application is a complete entertainment package that caters to every age group. It is a simple tool with a user-friendly interface. This app is like a cherry on top for the people who are subscribers of the Spectrum cable.

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