The Waste To Wonder Theme Park Delhi Ticket Price 2023, Timings, Nearest Metro Station, and Parking

Waste to Wonder Park Delhi Ticket Price 2023, Timings, Nearest Metro, Parking

Wonder ticket prices for the park and Waste to wonder park timings are consulted by visitors prior to making plans to visit this amazing park. It is a waste to Wonder Park to be situated in New Delhi. The theme park’s predecessor, the 7 Wonders Park of Kota Rajasthan, was used as its model. This park recalled the seven wonders of the world which are made of recycled materials. This park was built using scrap materials. A second park, named Bharat Darshan park, is also available in the Punjabi Bagh region. The Waste of Wonder park is extremely well-known among residents from Delhi as well as NCR. The Waste of Wonder park gains popularity across India.

Colosseum Waste To Wonder Park Delhi

This park was opened on 21 February 2019 by our Home Minister Rajnath Singh. It spans seven acres. It is located in Rajiv Gandhi’s Smriti van. It’s managed and owned by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. It is one of the most frequented places in Delhi since its inception. SDMC developed this park by using scrap materials that are useless like bicycles, cars and bolts, nut sheets of iron as well as iron parts, bicycle chairs, benches and sewer lines, among others. It’s an extremely creative theme park that uses a variety of waste materials. SDMC also uses renewable energy sources to light up the location at night. 3 solar trees with 5KW, one rooftop solar panel with 10 KW, and 3 windmills 1 KW each are located on the park to make this park self-sufficient. In the summer, on holidays, and during the weekends Waste to Wonder park witnessed an increase in attendance.

Waste to Wonder Park Ticket Price

A small fee for entry is charged by people who visit the park to allow it to be maintained, and the authorities provide services to visitors. Children’s ticket prices for 3-12 years are 25 rupees. Adults ( 13-65 years old) must pay 50 rupees to enter the Waste to Wonder park. Senior citizens (65 plus years) and children younger than three years old are eligible to enter the park when they show proof of age.

Age Group Waste to Wonder Ticket Price
0-3 Years Free Entry
3 to 12 Years 25 INR
13 to 65 Years 50 INR
65+ Years Free Entry

Waste to Wonder Timings

The Waste from Wonder Park opens on all days between Tuesdays and Sundays. Waste To Wonder park closes Monday through Sunday from Tuesday to Sunday.

Days Waste to Wonder Park Timings
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday 11 AM to 11 PM
Thursday 11 AM to 11 PM
Friday 11 AM to 11 PM
Saturday 11 AM to 11 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 11 PM
National Holidays Closed

The opening timing of waste to wonder is 11am and then it close at 11PM.

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Attractions in Waste to Wonder Park

Eiffel Tower Waste To Wonder Park Delhi

After being inspired by seven wonders parks in Kota, Rajasthan state, the SDMC created the Seven Wonders of the Earth. The Waste to Wonder’s most popular tourist attractions includes the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Pyramid Of Giza in Egypt and Rio Redeemer in Brazil. The park also has a fountain inside the park, and the area is perfect for photographers too.

Monument Name Size in Feet
Eiffle Tower 60 Feet
Statue Of Liberty 30 Feet
Leaning Tower of Pisa 25 Feet
Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer 25 Feet
Taj Mahal 20 Feet
The Great Pyramid of Giza 18 Feet
The Colosseum 15 Feet

Waste to Wonder Park Information

The Waste to Wonder Park is close to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station (Indraprastha Park). It is easily accessible from all areas of Delhi-NCR.

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions below:

Q. How to reach the waste to wonder park?
Ans: It is located within The Sarai Kale Khan locality near Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and Millennium Park. Sarai Kale Khan Sarai Kale Khan Nizamuddin Metro station on the pink line is the closest station to the park. Visitors can also get here by bus local to the park. Sarai Kale Khan’s bus station is the closest bus stop for getting here.

Q. Which is the nearest metro station to Waste to Wonder?
Ans: Nizamuddin Metro station – Sarai Kale Khan of pink line.

Q. Is parking available at waste to wonder?
Ans: Parking spaces to accommodate 66 4-wheelers as well as 31 two-wheelers are available to the guests of Waste of Wonder park. Parking is available for a fee.

Q. Can online ticket booking be booked at Waste from Wonder park?
Ans: As of now tickets are available at Waste to Wonder park ticket counters.

Q. Is photography allowed?
Ans: Can online ticket bookings be made at Waste at Wonder park?

Q. Can food items be eaten within Waste to Wonder park?
Ans: Food items are not permitted within the park. There is no food service on the park’s premises. Food vendors are found outside of the park.

Q. Is a washroom available?
Ans: Yes.

Q. What is the ideal time to go to Waste to Wonder park?
Ans: Waste to Wonders is open daily, excluding Mondays and national holidays. The evening is the ideal time to go to Waste to Wonder the park since it is a pleasant evening and the park is gorgeous in the light. In winter, this park can be visited at any time according to the timetable that the park follows.

Bharat Darshan Park located in Punjabi Bagh is another park designed by SDMC following the same model.

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