What is Neti Pot Inhaler and How to Use It?

Table of Content:

  • What is neti pot inhaler?
  • How does neti pot works?
  • Step by step guide: how to use neti pot?
  • Benefits of using neti pot?
  • How to make your own saline solution at home?

What is Neti Pot Inhaler?

A neti pot is used to treat nasal congestion and it is the best home based treatment. It may looks like the tea pot. If you are experiencing respiratory or sinus issues, then neti pot inhaler is best for you. You can buy it or used the homemade solution to care your issues. Using this procedure can help to clear out the mucus. In result you may breathe easily. A neti pot is safe to use as long as you follow the proper guidelines. 

How does Neti Pot Works?

Neti pot works by flushing out the mucus from your nose with the help of salt solution. Saline solution can help to decrease the nose and sinus irritation and congestion. It has been the best remedy for hundreds of years to clear out nasal passage.  In case you are congested from allergies or a cold, you can consider using neti pot. 

Pour some salt in the device in the lukewarm water. Now pour this saline water solution into one nostril at a time. It will flow from your nasal cavity and come out from your other nostril. If you are recovering from any nasal surgery, your doctor may prescribed some specific medicine or solution to use in a neti pot inhaler. 

Step by Step Guide: How to Use Neti Pot Inhaler:

You have to follow these steps to use neti pot inhaler in an effective way. 

Step 1: Use It in Your Bathroom or Near Any Sink:

  • Add some lukewarm water in the netipot and some amount of Himalayan pink salt. 
  • Stir it lightly until the saline solution is ready within Natural solution neti pot.  
  • Now bend over at sink and turn your head to the 45 degree angle.
  • Gently press the spout of neti pot into your nostril.
  • Neti pot should not touch your septum, the seal is must between your nostril and neti pot.

Step 2: Don’t Breathe Through Your Nose During This Process, Use Your Mouth:

  • To make sure that the salt water reaches your nostril, tip the neti pot. 
  • Keep it tipped until the solution runs through your nostril and leaves from another one. 

Step 3: the Solution Must Be Drained Out Closest to the Sink:

  • Keep repeating this process until the solution is finished. 
  • Once the neti pot is empty, remove the neti pot from your nostril and turn your head up. 
  • Now breathe deeply through your nostril so that your nose can be cleared. 
  • Use tissue or soft cotton cloth to absorb the remaining saline solution that drips from your nose. 

Step 4: Repeat This Process:

  • Repeat these steps to clear out your other nostril.
  • Repeat these steps once or twice a day for better results. 

Benefits of Using Neti Pot?

According to some research and studies, the salt water may:

  • Help to cleanse your nasal cavity.
  • May help to clean the respiratory system.
  • Clear the mucus and may ease in breathing. 
  • Remove the elements that are responsible for inflammation and irritation. 

Use this device at least one time a day if you are suffering from sinus congestion. Try it twice if you find it effective. It has no side effects. You may find it that effective that you choose to use neti pot on daily basis. 

How to Make Your Own Saline Solution at Home?

You can prepare your own saline solution at home. When doing so, it is important to use the best and pure salt: that is Himalayan pink salt. It is best choice for saline solution because it is free from additives and preservations. Right amount and temperature of water is either important. 

Water Guidelines:

  • The following type of water can be used in neti pot. 
  • Tap water that is been boiled and then cooled to the lukewarm. 
  • Sterile water or distilled one available to purchase from a store. 
  • Water can be filtered using water filters to capture infectious organisms.

How to Make Your Own Saline Solution at Home?

You can make your own saline solution at home. Follow these steps.

  • For creating saline solution for neti pot, add 1 spoon of Himalayan pink salt in 16 oz. water.
  • Water must be lukewarm so that salt is easily stirred. 
  • Stir the solution until the salt is mixed in water. 
  • You can store the solution for 2 days, or you can make a new one for every time you use neti pot. 

Using neti pot is effective and safe as it has no side effects. Its best home based remedy to reduce respiratory problems. Make sure to clean and dry your neti pot after each use.

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