Are Personalised Videos Beneficial for Corporate Sales?

Personalised Videos Beneficial for Corporate Sales

It’s a fast-paced world, and it is essential to find ways to make your message reach your customers. You need to deliver the message to your clients and stakeholders in a brief and interesting way. One of the effective ways to do this is by making video messages/demonstrations. Creating a video for corporate sales is not a new idea, but it is quite rare. You can create a master plan to increase your sales using these personalised videos if you plan accordingly.

Video marketing is an effective marketing strategy, and these videos will be watched and shared by everyone more than the written messages.

Why do people prefer to watch videos over reading? It’s pretty natural for people to prefer video over reading in their hectic and busy schedules. Even if they choose to read, the probability of converting that person to a customer is low because they might not read everything and skip the message.

If you are thinking about creating customised and personalised videos for your clients, you must go ahead. If you are doubtful about this project, you must read the list given below that elaborates on the benefits of using video for your marketing campaign.

Key Benefits of Video Marketing:

Boosts your conversion rate

A video for corporate sales is an investment for your firm. The video will be uploaded to your official social media handles, and people will watch it as long as you keep it active. As per the statistics, a video on the landing page (website) increases the conversions by 80%. It is natural for people to click on the ‘buy button’ or ‘know more button’ after watching the small compelling presenter in a video. Videos are perfect for persuading potential customers and are an effective way to convey the message.

You can include built-in tutorials, testimonials, and short videos on your product on the website and social media handles. It’ll help people understand more about your brand and product.

A great addition to your email marketing campaign

Indeed, people rarely check their emails regularly, especially when they are not expecting an interview mail or product shipping message. In the same way, your email will be clubbed to the hundreds of videos they receive and will be moved to the trash. But, if they see the word ‘video’ in the subject line, they will check it.

The number of emails opened because they contained video is much higher than emails without one. When they watch the video, the chances of conversion increase.

Search engines love videos

The search engine knows that people love videos, and you can turn this to your advantage. Your website will come at the top when people search for products or services offered by you. If you create a YouTube channel for your product demo and advertisements, this will also come up in the Google searches. There is no better way to reach your customers than this—the same goes for social media.

Video builds credibility and trust among customers, and it also encourages social shares, which further increases your reach. There’s no better way to increase the conversion rate.

These are the main reasons you must opt for personalised videos to pass on messages. So, start making new personalised videos for your products and share in on all platforms.

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