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We embrace your creative thoughts to make the readers time worthwhile. We approve and appreciate any kind of novice thoughts or articles based on the changing trends and mindset of the society, empowerment of different sections, needed awareness and knowledge of the must-haves.

We accept mindful and deliberate submissions from all kinds of professionals counting in the fauna of designers, developers, architects, strategists, writers, project managers, and assorted specialists. As long as you’ve got a differential idea and an interesting voice, we wish to make a hefty choice considering your piece.

Visit the Write for us page for the applicable guidelines.

Topic We Cover:

Our Motive is Help user by troubleshooting their problems and help them boost their skills. Here are The Different Categories we work on:

  • How-To’s
  • Best Of
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Top 10
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Travel
  • Troubleshooting

There are the categories on which you can write to us. If you have any other topic feel free to drop us an email over wordstreaming@gmail.com.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

It’s precious to be featured on a website, but a requisite path needs to be followed to acquire the position on our blog. Follow the list carefully for being favored enough:

    1. Confirmed uniqueness and originality: The article should be 100% original and unique; which is never published anywhere.
    2. Voice pitch should be consistent and appealing.
    3. Effective Content: The content should be capable to add value to the users’ knowledge.
    4. High-quality: The article must be properly researched, free prototype and grammar flaws, and strictly plagiarism checked.
    5. Proffer credit: Any website or link back to important and credible sources (outgoing links to high authority websites and internal links). Both types of links are compulsory to be mentioned.
    6. Length of the article: The article must contain at least 1000 words and Content Should Justify its Intent.
    7. Include media: Add considerable credit free media (images, videos). All the media added must be completely copyright free.
    8. Elementary, precise, & comprehensive sentences and paragraphs, Proper use of keywords, etc.
    9. Proper headings, subheadings, lists, and bullets wherever possible.
    10. The content should be proofread to avoid any irregularities and drawbacks.

Reasons Why Your Guest Post Content Can be Rejected?

The article failing to fulfill the above-mentioned guidelines stands straightforward rejected. Any violations to the above guidelines will not be entertained.

In addition to the above, below are some additional cases where your article can be rejected:

  1. Link building: This site is not for promotional purpose. Any act that is intended for link building scheme will be rejected right away.
  2. Marketing: We want to serve user good and informative content. Any article that is created ‘only’ for marketing purposes will be smacked. Biased and affiliate based articles will be regarded as a dead entry.

Content Review and Moderation:

We receive an implied right to moderate the content of the guest author counting in the guidelines, before making the final draft to publish.

We can keep up the minor editing to our contributors’ content. (A copy of the final draft will be provided to the respective guest author before publication).

*We reserve the authority to accept or reject the submitted articles.

*In case of violation of the guidelines, the articles will be directly rejected and any further queries will not be entertained thereafter.

How to submit Guest Post on our Site?

After passing through the above hurdles, you can even contact us, email (wordsstreaming@gmail.com) or fill-up the Contact Us Form.

We will try to get back to you at the earliest and confirm the status. As we get thousand of mail there are chances your mail lost and you ended up not getting any reply from us. Feel free to Take Follow up in That Case.


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