3D Printing Ideas in packaging Design

Charles Hull, the American engineer in 1983, invented the 3D printer. The usage of this technology has gained popularity, and it was skyrocket. Early after the invention of this, it offered its services in the medical field, but there are still some challenges that scientists are still facing. Although these printing technologies have been here, it is only a few years to penetrate other fields like custom boxes. In fact, with each passing year, this tech is getting better, cheaper, and smaller. It offers the work faster than ever before. It shoes it is now becoming the original options for brands and package designers.

So this type of printing allows the manufacturers to make an on-demand package. For instance, there might be chances to print boxes on the bases of the user is buying. By doing this, it can reduce the value and the waste of packaging.

Equally, it might find the place for time-sensitive or outstanding sales opportunities. It could add a branded 3D-printed package around the particular short-term pop-up or event, following the critical cultural moments where the user might like a souvenir such as World Cup final or Olympic.

It could allow brands to give customized packages for buyers. It may range from selecting various designs choices, or entirely personalized patterns per customer desire. So it may incorporate everything from label changed on the articles to tweaking an original package design for an individual. These types of practices are much more considerable in the present markets. They can add specific names, photo, or Face to package to the item like cups, t-shirts, caps, and much more.

3D Printing and Custom Boxes

Because of the emergence of 3D technology in the packaging sector, there is a considerable boost in user goods. Now packaging businesses are learning that this printing permits them to deliver the accurate prototype faster while creating recognizable patterns that make them make their place in the competitive market. Unfortunately, these brands are still relying on traditional tech, which is considerably less fast and reliable as recent advancement. So going for this tech in the investment, there are various advantages of 3D printing for customers and users.

It Saves Times

Like most sectors, time to sell for used goods. Brands must adapt promptly to changing demands of the industry’s consumers and trends and then compete for their rivals to advertise with the high-quality articles. Falling behind the particular curve can cause the company to lose revenue, like millions or thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, the conventional pattern cycles are not as fast or cost-effective as new tech. In traditional cycles, it goes through 5 developmental stages between 10 to 100 prototype/cycle. The cost of each model is around $1500. Manufacturers must need to balance speed with considerably slower demands for iterative and testing design.

New printers 3D has been contributed to delivering faster results without any mistakes, so various models are made to meet the particular industrial photos. For instance, Stratasys J750 is best for user goods, and brands like Thermos Company and Adidas Group have utilized it to troubleshoot and adjust parts and designs fast. The designer group Innnodesgin was capable of reducing lead time when using the J750 over a conventional way.

Several Trends for Custom Printed Packaging

You can witness the usage of 3D printing for customized packaging. There are a few examples of it

  • Heinz hosting the competition to win the personalized bottle of Sauce for the Father’s Day
  • Burberry offering the chance to have your name engraves on My Burberry Fragrances.
  • Also, the customized jars by Nutella show the user’s name.
  • Who can forget the share a Coke by Coca-Cola

This type of trend continues into 2016, with the company searching for various means to customize the package beyond the particular name on the label. Johnny Walker is a great example. It made a bottle of whiskey with the sensor tags that you can connect to the smart devices. It tells whether the bottle is closed or open, allowing it to send the personalized message to the user-end. With custom packaging here to mentions, it is the section that you can get benefits from 3D tec.

Custom Printed Shipping Box

It is designers and brands, but other companies are also looking forward to this printing technology. Logistic companies like FedEx and UPS both have introduced their 3D printing divisions. While this application is focused on item creation, package, with boxes a considerable part of delivery and logistics, it would create a sense for these brands to be experimental with this 3D tech. It might be a way for newbies or smaller companies to not invest in the 3D-printed boxes skills to provide service by tapping into logistic partner capability.

Smarts Cups

Besides, another example, another company is taking full advantage form 3D-printing tech. The Smart Cups introduced the innovative range of dink (energy drink). This 3D-printed tech cups resemble the plastic, but it has energy drink components within the package. The user all need to add the water to activate them. So the box will even mix the glass to ensure proper mixing. These smart cups are working on the cups that create cold, hot, and fizzy beverages.

Who gets benefits from it?

This technology is getting fame day by day. While customized 3D printed packages may benefit various sectors. It is also beneficial for drinks and food brands. Personalization can be best for a gift package when a user likes something exclusive like Fathers’ Day, Mother Days, Birthdays, Easter, and Christmas. For this, confectionery manufacturers could offer the customer the option of printing boxes.  Many custom size shipping boxes companies are taking advantage to form these technologies and offer their customers a personalized solution. So let us see what it holds for us in the future

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