5 Easy Ways to View Pictures on Mac Without Double-Clicking

You’ve got pictures, but viewing them is a hassle. But that doesn’t have to be like that always, there are greater ways to view your images. 

For instance, the Photos app on Mac allows you to filter your images easily. Thus, allowing you to open relevant images on command whenever you need to.

In this article, we will cover 5 ways to view pictures on Mac. So that you can make your photo viewing experience that must more pleasant.

Whenever you’re ready to stop wasting time looking for photos, keep reading to start enjoying your time viewing them.

View Pictures On Mac With Photos App

The Photos app uses days, months, and years to organize your images and video content by location and time. When showing images, the app hides resemblant photos and reduces the workload by hiding unnecessary receipts and screenshots, so that you can concentrate on genuinely captured moments. 

By clicking days, you will see content that was taken on the same day. By clicking on months, you will see the content grouped by the month and day. By clicking years, you will see content taken in the same year.

You can also view the images individually to find more detail, as well as hide the photos for editing purposes and switch to full-screen.

  1. View By Day, Month, And Year

To view pictures on Mac, start by clicking Library in the Photos app. Click on days, months or years to open that filter system.

Double-click on a year, month or day to see the filtered photos. On the trackpad, you can pinch the view to see more or less content.

You can scroll down or up in the view by pressing the down and up arrow keys. With a trackpad, simply swipe with two fingers. 

To change the size of the thumbnails, drag the slider or pinch in and out with the trackpad.

To play a video or show geolocation of content, click and choose the content then select Play Movie or Show Map.

  1. View Individual Photos

In the Photos app, click on the thumbnail of an album to see an enlarged view of the content. To quickly open or close a selected file, press the SpaceBar.

To zoom in and out, drag the slider or pinch on the trackpad. You can click and drag the image to focus on specific parts of it. 

To view information about a photo, click the Info option. 

To favorite a photo, click the Favorite button in the toolbar above. This will place the photo in a special album.

To view the location of a photo, scroll down to Places. After this, click on Nearby Photos to see similar photographs.

To view more photos with people from them, scroll down to People and see if they are identified. Then click on their face to see photos with them.

To view relevant images, find a tag called Related. By clicking it, you will see similar content from that exact geolocation at all applicable times of the day.

To see thumbnails of other photos below the viewed photo, select View and then press on Show Thumbnails. Swipe left and right to scroll through them. After this, drag their edge down or up to change their size.

  1. Live Photos

Some photos are Live Photos, which means a still image is captured with moments after and before recorded as well.

To determine if a photo is live, position your pointer over the thumbnail. Then press SpaceBar to open it, then click Option + Spacebar.

These Live Photos can be set to bounce, loop or long exposure, this will change the way they are viewed. These settings can be changed on your iPhone. 

If you have a force touch trackpad, force click to see the photo in motion. If you need to take a screenshot of a live moment, you need to learn how to print screen on Mac first.

  1. Full Screen

In the app, click on View and then press Enter Full Screen.

In this view, you can scroll through photos via the arrow keys.

You can also view thumbnails by positioning the pointer over the top of the window, then click on View and then Show Thumbnails.

If you want to see the sidebar and toolbar, go to View, then click on Always Show Toolbar and Sidebar. 

To leave Full Screen, simple press Escape on your keyboard.

  1. Hidden Photos & Search

You might have hidden photos, so to see them you will need to do something special.

Go to View, then click on Show Hidden Photo Album. This album will show up on the sidebar, not in the main view.

To unhide images, select them then click on the Unhide Photos option.

Another great capacity of the Photos app in the search bar. To quickly search for photos, click Command + F. After this, you can start typing whatever you like.

As you type, suggestions will appear below. You can type several words with spaces in between to filter down with extra criteria. For instance, Toronto June will show all photos taken in Toronto in June.

When ready, click an item in the suggestions to see relevant photos. To display regular photos again, click the Cancel option in the search bar. And that’s how you view pictures on Mac.

Viewing Satisfaction

Now that you have discovered how to view pictures on Mac, you are well on your way to make your viewing experience significantly more satisfying.

As long as you are sufficiently tech-savvy, you will experience no troubles when looking for those old photos which you only remember the location of. 

Photos app is very versatile, and you will easily get accustomed to its capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about technology, check out some of our other content in this category of articles.

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