7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Travel

7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Travel

Do you travel frequently? If yes, you won’t believe how much you toss away on vacations. Vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment. But that doesn’t mean that you come back ripped off all your money only because you didn’t pay attention. All your relaxation will turn into anxiety the moment you come home and realize how much you overspent!

The good news is that you can save a lot even from all the small little choices you make. If you take your time to scrutinize the hotel and airline options, just like you scrutinize Frontier Internet Deals before you subscribe to one, you can actually save a lot. For your ease, we are going to give you some effective money-saving tips on your vacation. Tag along!

Top 10 Overspending Mistakes on Vacations

  1. Overspending on the Credit Cards.
  2. Dining like a Tourist.
  3. Getting Poor Exchange Rates.
  4. Not Checking Your Foreign Transaction Fee.
  5. Over-Charging by the Local Taxis.
  6. No Substitute for Cell Phone Roaming Charges.
  7. Not Avoiding Excess Baggage Charges.
  8. Paying for Medical Treatments Abroad.
  9. Missing Out on Offers like Discounted Admissions.
  10. Using a Credit Card or Loan to Pay on Vacation.

Let’s know some details. 

Overspending on the Credit Cards

When vacationing, it is very easy to lose track of where and how much you are spending. If you are using credit cards, make sure you don’t max out their limits. It will blow your budget. You need to establish your spending limit. And make sure you stick to it then. 

Dining like a Tourist

All that roaming and sightseeing is one hungry job! But you don’t have to eat in every popular tourist hotspot. If you want to be a savvy traveler, you should avoid high-end restaurants and eateries. Again, research is the key. A simple google search will give you some nice options for local eateries. Well, it is not mandatory that every well-trod restaurant is expensive. But to be on the safe side, always check menus online to save yourself from overpriced meals. 

Getting Poor Exchange Rates

You should know that currency exchange rates are not the same everywhere. Speaking of exchange rates, airports are the worst places to get your currency exchanged. You will be nailed with high commission. You can figure out the exchange rates of the country that you are traveling to. And find a place with better exchange rates. Remember, airports are a big No-No!

Not Checking Your Foreign Transaction Fee

Familiarize yourself with the provider’s charges for money withdrawal from your debit and credit cards before you jet off. You also need to know their charging policies for the purchases abroad. Foreign usage fee can increase all your costs significantly. It would be great if you manage to grab a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. Also, go for a debit card that doesn’t charge extra for the ATM withdrawals. 

Over-Charging by the Local Taxis

When you are vacationing in unfamiliar places, you essentially need cabs to move around. But beware of local cab drivers who can recognize that you are a tourist and can charge you extra. Your disoriented and tired look after jetlag is enough to give away that you are a tourist. To save money, you need to plan ahead. You can use the airport shuttle for a ride to your hotel. And you can check fares on World Taximeter for an estimate for fares in bigger cities. 

No Substitute for Cell Phone Roaming Charges

Your phone bill can be hefty enough to ruin your entire trip. Be aware of the roaming charges of your phone and consider other options. A vacation is a time to relax so the best deal is to stop taking calls. But if it is unavoidable, consider getting a local number. 

Not Avoiding Excess Baggage Charges

You can get plenty of tips online to pack light. If you are going for a couple of weeks, you don’t need to pack your whole bedroom. Consider taking a look at the carrier’s luggage allowance charges and rules before you pack. 

Paying for Medical Treatments Abroad

Buying travel insurance for your foreign holiday is a great idea. It will save you from many financial losses in case of unexpected events. It could be theft, injury, illness, loss of baggage and so on. The cover levels and prices vary. So, consider using a comparison site to shop for the best deal. Also, get a medical checkup before you board. 

Missing Out on Offers like Discounted Admissions 

Most of the major cities have a handful of guided tours, museums, and restaurants, which are recommended by everyone who has visited them. Being a savvy traveler, you should look for discounts and offers on these places to enjoy good deals. 

Using a Credit Card or Loan to Pay on Vacation

Taking a loan or using a credit card to pay your bills on a vacation is risky. But if you really have to, consider checking terms and conditions of repayment carefully. Price comparison sites can help you here too. You can call their customer support center. They may not be as helpful as the reps at Frontier customer support and tell you about each and every detail of offered cards and packages. But they will address your concern and save you from paying extra. 

Happy vacations!

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