7 Warning Signs of Cataract and its Treatment in Delhi

Cataract is a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, opaque and dysfunctional. If you have cataract then looking through a cloudy lens will be a bit like looking through a frosty or fogged-up window. Cataract makes it difficult for the patients to read, watch tv, drive at night or perform their daily life activities which require clear vision without facing any problems and difficulties. Usually, cataract develops slowly and does not disturb the eyesight initially. But with time or when it becomes severe, it can start interfering with your vision. 

Cataract develops when protein builds up in the lens of the eye, making it cloudy. This stops the light from passing through it clearly. There are several other factors that contribute to the development of cataract. This mainly includes smoking cigarettes, eyes exposure to ultraviolet radiation, use of steroids and medications for long periods of time, certain diseases such as diabetes, radiation therapy, trauma in the eyes, heavy alcohol consumption, etc. Experts believe that some inherited genetic disorders can also lead to the development of cataract.  

There are several types of cataracts. Typically, they are classified based on their location and the way they develop in the eye. The different types of cataracts include nuclear cataract, cortical cataract, posterior cataract, congenital cataract, secondary cataract, traumatic cataract and radiation cataract. Irrespective of the types of cataract, it should be treated well on time. Untreated cataract can lead to complete blindness. Cataract is also considered as the most common cause of blindness across the world. 

There are several signs and symptoms which indicate that you are suffering from cataract, and should consult an eye specialist as soon as possible. Below are the 7 warning signs of cataract. If you notice any of them, do visit an ophthalmologist right away. By performing some tests and check-ups, the eye specialist can recommend the best-suited treatment for you. 

Cloudy Vision

Appearance of noticeable fuzzy spots in your field of vision is one of the most common signs of cataract, which starts as fairly small aberrations. But they worsen with time, making it difficult for you to perform your daily activities. You should consult an eye specialist the moment you start noticing persistent cloudy vision. 

Difficulty Seeing At Night

The night time vision of a patient with cataract gradually becomes worse. Sometimes cataract darken and dim your vision, and may also lead to slight tinges of brown or yellow. These changes in your vision might not be noticeable during the day because there is enough light to compensate for your darken and dim vision. But they can immediately be noticeable during night as there is not enough light. The darkening and dimming of your vision can make it difficult for you to see things clearly at night. 

Increased Light Sensitivity

If you have cataract then discomfort with light will become increasingly noticeable and problematic to you. If bright lights make you close your eyes or if you feel uncomfortable and develop a sudden headache from the flashes of light, it is a sign that you should consult an eye specialist without any delay. Cataract increases light sensitivity. 

Halos and Glare Everywhere

You can notice the appearance of halos and glare around the sources of the light. You can even experience rings of a variety of colors around the light source, which will make it difficult for you to drive at night. This is why it becomes hard and dangerous for a cataract patient to drive at night with traffic lights, streetlights and headlights. Seeing halos and glare everywhere warns you to visit an eye doctor.  

Double Vision

Double vision is also a major symptom of cataract. The lens that becomes clouded due to cataract can actually lead to seeing two or more images of a single object. Apart from cataract, there are several other conditions that cause double vision, this may include brain tumor, corneal swelling, multiple sclerosis, brain injury etc. If you experience double vision of a single object, you should consider visiting an eye doctor as early as you can. 

Frequent Changes of Eyeglass or Contact Lens

If you have cataract, you may feel the need to increase the strength of your eyeglass or contact lens. You can feel the need to change the prescription more frequently. In such a case, you should directly consult with an eye doctor rather than buying another strong pair of eyeglasses.  

Fading or Yellowing of Colors

If you are suffering from cataracts, you may notice that the colors are not as bright and vibrant as they used to be earlier. It could be subtle at the initial stage of cataract but can be severe with time. Therefore, it is important for you to consult an eye specialist without much delay. 

Treatment of Cataract in Delhi

A healthy lifestyle can help in preventing the cataracts. But once it occurs, it can be managed by spectacles. However, when this disease progresses or if the central vision deteriorates, the one and only option remains is a surgery. With the help of surgery, the problems of cataracts can be cured forever.

There are no medications to treat cataract but surgery is there, which has long proven to be the most effective treatment for this problem. Advancement in the medical technology has made it safer for the people to get a surgery which has minimum risk and low or almost no chances of complications.  

The decision to have surgery largely depends on the degree to which your vision is impaired. Even though some patients with cataracts find that their vision improves by using eyeglasses, magnifying lenses or bright lighting. However, the only best and real way to treat cataract permanently is by surgery. If cataracts affect your both eyes, then each eye operation is scheduled and operated separately. 

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