All About Sparkling Water Systems

Sparkling Water Systems

The popularity of sparkling water isn’t slowing down, nor is the demand for it. Sales of sparkling water have more than quadrupled in the past five years, and there has been a significant increase in the popularity of sparkling water-based drinks such as low-ABV cocktails and healthy mocktails. This trend shows consumers are looking for something more than a fad in their beverages. As a result, more and more eating establishments are installing sparkling water systems for restaurants to guarantee that their clients may always have a refreshing glass of the bubbly stuff.

How to Choose the Best Carbonated Water System for Your Restaurant

A wide variety of options for sparkling water systems for restaurants are available. Some are high-quality computers but lack key features, while others are useless. For your investment to live up to and beyond your expectations, it must comprise the following crucial components.

Activated carbon filters that last for a long time

Carbonated water systems should use at least two premium carbon filters to purify the water from your tap before dispensing it. These filters effectively remove hazardous substances like chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, dirt, rust, and sediments. This method ensures the cleanliness and purity of the sparkling water you provide to your consumers.

NanoCeram Filter

Also, try to get a carbonated water system with a NanoCeram filter built for sanitation purposes. By irradiating the water entirely with this third filter, the bacterial and viral loads in your drinking supply are reduced to almost nothing. This will eliminate the risk of E.Coli and coliform bacteria, which may be especially dangerous for infants and pregnant women, in your sparkling water.

Refrigeration Room Made of Stainless Steel

A stainless steel water refrigeration chamber is another component of a top-tier carbonated water system that allows for the highest standards of cleanliness. With this component, you can be assured that the sparkling water you provide to your clients and employees will be the purest, most pristine water they have ever tasted. Water is dispensed from your system in huge quantities and at a consistent, cold temperature thanks to the chamber.



Water filtration systems are available for both still and sparkling water, and they can enhance the water’s flavour by eliminating sediment and other impurities. Additionally, it aids in the preservation of the water’s essential minerals.


Many restaurants and hospitality sites offer low-alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails with customised mixers.

A still and sparkling water dispenser is a clever approach to improve your revenue and services, providing clients with precisely what they are searching for.

Natural fruit tastes that are calorie-free or very low in calories include:

  • Lemon
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Lime blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Grapefruit

Improved morale among staff

A flavoured water dispenser is an excellent option if your staff needs a midday pick-me-up. Providing your staff with refreshing water might give them a lift and much-needed respite. You may anticipate a more contented staff as a consequence.


Profit potential from freshly distributed still and sparkling water is limitless. The flat or low per-gallon costs of direct pipe-in water dispensers make it easier to keep costs under control. As the cost of these mechanisms is low, they do not need frequent replacement, yielding gains in the long run.

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