All your need to know about the fantasy cricket games

You need the tactical us and experience to predict a team of XI players that will earn you the most points if you are interested in playing fantasy cricket online. Fantasy cricket doesn’t mean to spend more, just to know precisely how those players are going to play in a game and take the correct decisions before the match starts.

How to play like a pro?

Let us have a look at some quick tips that can help you play fantasy cricket like a pro:


  • Understand the performance of the player


It is important to learn how a player works, and in those circumstances, you have to give up your name. A player such as Harbhajan Singh could have played well in 2012 or 2013, but today he doesn’t have the same force to deal with it. You have to evaluate and pick the players based on their present form and their regularity with their teams.


  • Keep a check on the performance of the pitch


The pitch playing an important role in determining the destiny of a player, and you must realise it in advance. You can never know for sure, of course, but some research can be performed based on the web. You will know that Eden Gardens has a fast pace relative to a Chepauk and you could pick up bowlers more easily than required. You should select the teams differently, depending on the pitch.


  • Find out which players are a part of the game


You would like to wonder if the worse thing happens that you chose someone and then captain him and find out if someone is sick or left out on the game. Aim to find reliable players with a cemented spot in the roster. The right thing to do is not to take it if you fear the same thing.


  • Keep a check on the cost involved.


Some players have better prices than average but are not up to the anticipated expectations. See the games, and you’re going to see a few young people playing well. Choose them to reward you well and still give the team a strong balance, which improves the opportunity to win cash prizes.

The objective of the game

Both fantasy cricket app and fantasy football have the same aim where you have to build a team of 11 players (free) or cash (entry fee). You will score points based on the LIVE results of your team players based on which you will win real cash prizes.

You will get the requisite inputs to beat the odds and win the game of Fantasy Cricket or Fantasy Football with a simple understanding of the game and a little bit of analysis. Your ability to spot the players who could do well during the season would also assist your team in scoring more points.

Selecting Top Order Batsman

Of the top 4 batsmen, you should always select at least two players as they are the ones who are going to make the most of the runs.

Choose All-rounders who bat in the top 5 and spell the chip in 2-3 overs.

As your Captain and vice-captain, you can also make these players, as both bat and bowl can contribute. Try to pick wicketkeepers from the top order, such as Uthappa, Sanju Samson, Parthiv Patel). They not only bat at the end, but they also point you out for fielding (there is a greater chance of a keeper being involved in catches and run-outs)

In doing so, even if those players fail, it barely makes a difference in your fantasy rank since they are in the team of everybody. Hedge your team by choosing the most famous players. But if you haven’t picked these players, and if they play a big inning, then you don’t have a chance to win.

You should always measure your investments, but you should not put all the money in a single match or a wide league, instead of always placing money to maximise your earnings on several small leagues. Often invest and start with less, then go big after becoming an expert. Eg., You can play five leagues of Rs.100 instead of playing a single league of Rs. 500, even if you lose 2 out of 5 leagues, you’re going to end up making a match profit.

Choose at least one class player who has not been clicking for the last 2-3 matches. Class Player Not In Form This will make your team different from other teams, and clicking on them more often than not will give you a decent number of points.

It is important and also essential to choose the Captain and Vice-Captain because they both give you more points. Of the total points scored, the Captain gets 2X points, and the Vice-Captain gets 1.5X points. Choose a player that you think could be a vital game-changer or a stable player in the matches.

How to create your team?

  • You just need 100 credit points to build your fantasy team.
  • You can’t pick more than seven players from a squad,
  • Only a single wicketkeeper can be selected.
  • You have to pick all the abilities for a team (batsmen, all-rounders, bowlers)
  • You have to pick a captain and vice-captain after choosing a team of 11.

What is the number of teams you can make?

There is a limit set to 20 teams that you can form in a match.

How can you join different teams?

There are two ways to do it:

  • You can compete in as many tournaments as you like, with the same team or even with different teams. Any time you enter a contest, you only need to pay the entry fee.
  • Depending on the maximum teams permitted to enter a competition, you can enter any competition with one or more teams. For example, with up to 6 different teams, you can compete in Mega contests.

This was all you need to know about the fantasy cricket before you plan to try your hands out on them.

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