40+ Good Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas for 2021 

argumentative essay topics

You are bound to receive one argumentative essay in your college term hence it would be better if you learn how to process such an essay.

In argumentative essay writing, the very first thing itself is brainstorming the topics but with a list of ideas at hand, you can save ample time.

Needless to say around “write my essay, please” because we are about to share 40 effective topics that can help you pass stage 1 of essay writing.

Topics For Argumentative Essay Writing:

  1. Which age is apt to teach sex education in school?
  2. Can cellphones prove to be destructive?
  3. Why homework shouldn’t be too much or too little?
  4. Should torture be accepted?
  5. Is it ok for students to socialize with their teachers after school?
  6. Is diary keeping a good idea?
  7. Can homeschooling affect a child’s ability to socialize?
  8. Should society help the poor?
  9. Should drug testing be a routine at school for kids?
  10. Should a murderer get a life sentence?
  11. Should adults take care of their elder parents financially?
  12. Should some subjects be optional?
  13. Should men & women have the same responsibility in a marriage?
  14. Is it an act of irresponsibility to bear many children (4 or 5)?
  15. Should healthcare be free?
  16. Is lack of physical activity the sole reason for obesity?
  17. At what age should parents introduce their kids to gadgets?
  18. Should parents invade the privacy of their kids especially in the case of their relationships?
  19. Can religion cause war?
  20. Was life years ago was easy?
  21. Can children learn without homework practice?
  22. Should college education be free?
  23. Should people play at least one sport?
  24. Should kids at school learn about mental health?
  25. Is watching television a waste of time?
  26. Should the education system involve more e-learning?
  27. Should certain books have an age bracket?
  28. Should movies only produce facts for the audience especially in the case of historic movies?
  29. Do artists get affected mentally when playing a certain role or character?
  30. What situations in childhood can prove dire in adulthood?
  31. Is the shopping or buying process has a psychological side to it?
  32. Are people running away from responsibilities in the modern age?
  33. Is the Supreme Court higher in authority when compared to other courts?
  34. How dissolution of British rule in India impacted our country?
  35. Is Abraham Lincoln a true hero? If yes, why?
  36. Should we adopt some strategies that Adolf Hitler used in World War II?
  37. Can social media change our lifestyle for good?
  38. Are humans ready to communicate with some other life forms?
  39. Which countries are powerful enough to cause a third world war?
  40. Should humans treat animals as equals?


Brainstorming a good topic can take hours. Hope the list of argumentative essays given above will help you to save time on selection and focus more on writing.

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