Basics of solving question answer papers before the examination

Basics of solving question answer papers before the examination

The best and easy way for scoring good marks in the examination is by practising sample question papers with the help of a guidebook. Solving this type of question and answer can enhance the writing ability as well as knowledge. For a better understanding of chapters study materials can be used including the sample question-answer papers. 

One kind of such study material is the BYJU’S Question and answer papers. All the chapters are covered by including concept related questions and additional questions that are done by the subject-matter experts. The best way to solve question papers are 

  • Learn every concept before solving question and answer paper
  • Make a timetable for each subject and take more time for weak subjects
  • Make sure the answers are correct by consulting your teacher
  • Clear the doubts at that instant

How to memorize concepts before the examination?

  1. Do daily revision on each subject 
  2. Make a flow diagram to make the concepts thorough in the mind
  3. Be focussed and concentrate only on what you are going to learn
  4. Remove any obstructions around your study table
  5. Make small notes and revise every free time or before going to bed

How subject wise revision can be done?

Each subject is different in the way of learning, writing and understanding. So the question paper solving will be also different. For example:


  • Mathematics


This subject is comparatively very easy in scoring good marks for the examination. There is not so much theory to be written but only understanding the concepts and logically answering the problems. In the case of mathematics, speed is a very important factor for solving the answering of questions. In order to attain speed and accuracy, practising sample question and answer papers play an important role. 


  • Science


Science subjects are mostly composed of theories and concepts. So make diagrams and flowcharts as much as possible attractively. Each concept should revise twice and start solving sample papers. Ensure all the answers are up to the mark and once gone the wrong try again and correct all the answers


  • General knowledge


One of the important areas of the competitive exam is GK. This cannot be studied but basic knowledge should be there by reading newspapers and magazines. GK questions are solved according to the knowledge gained by ourselves. Practice reading newspapers and try to get to know the daily things happening in the world.

Points to be remembered

Before attempting any of the question papers we have to remember some points

  • First, read the question paper thoroughly
  • Mark the question of which is easy and attempt it first itself
  • Take some time to understand the question and write the answers.
  • If questions are a bit tough don’t get panic. Attempt the easy ones and ignore the tough ones.
  • Time management is very important. Ensure the time taken for each question according to the marks.
  • Unnecessary stress should be avoided during the exam. 
  • Drink more water one hour before the exam and relax your mind.
  • Write the answers very neatly and clean. Don’t add many words and sentences to the answers. Answer to the question.
  • For competitive exams, GK questions are more of the 90% than the other. So make sure you are aware of the current affairs.

Preparation of notes

Note preparation is also one of the best ways for easy understanding. Reading a book for the whole day is not an effective way to get knowledge. For preparing exams, small notes are always beneficial even after the exams. Points like notes are even better for instant revising. For example, there are so many events happening in our world. These events can be noted on a daily basis by reading newspaper articles. This enhances both the knowledge and efficiency of learning. This will be helpful not only for the examinations but also for the interviews.  Most importantly the presence of mind is necessary for each and everything. Ensure you are enough confident and much focussed so that success will be in your hands.

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