10 Best Technology Websites & Blogs in 2021


There are hundreds and thousands of websites that come up on Google search whenever you look for a solution to a tech problem. Out of those numerous pages, which one to select is always a challenge. How they rank on Google’s first page is a big mystery and calculation but these technology websites in 2021 will offer you every possible tech solution.

The Top Best Tech Websites for 2021

1. PCMag.Com

PCMag started way back in the 1990s as PC Magazine and with its continuous efforts and consistency, it became world’s number one tech website. The blog offers technology news, blogs, a solution to how-to issues, comparison charts, reviews, opinion blogs, videos and tutorials. The website performs intense research and analysis before coming to a conclusion and offering a solution.

2. Top10PCSoftware

Top10PCSoftware is one of the best tech websites that you can refer to software reviews. The software listed on the website undergoes deep research, testing, and analysis while reviewing a product. You can always look upon this website for comparisons, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, Rating, Features, Pricing and a detailed overview of the product.

3. Digital Trends

Digital Trends is one of my favourite websites for checking out the latest technology trends. This is a trusted technology website in 2021 that you can rely on for honest reviews, latest tech news, trends, deals and offers on HDTVs, smartphones, laptops, Camcorders and the most recent smart gadgets. Learn more about the best buying guides, fresh download links and honest product reviews on the latest technology trends.

4. TechRadar

If you are looking for tech solutions on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or other platforms with any digital gadget, TechRadar offers top tech blogs that you can bank upon. Explore elaborated reviews on phones, laptops, desktop, tablets, TVs, gaming stations, printer, cameras, Car Technology, smart home appliances, broadband, web hosting, VPNs, and other smart gadgets.

5. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is a tech website that helps you learn how to make full utilization of technology gadgets and discover unique stuff over the web. Check out latest Tech News, detailed blogs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone & iPad, Internet, Security, Programming, Entertainment, Productivity, Creative, Gaming, Social Media and more. Be the geek by learning smart ways, tips and tricks on browsing, social media and gaming habits.

6. TechCrunch

TechCrunch offers you extra crunch on different technology trends. Learn about new startups, tech products, smart gadgets, newsletters, extra-crunchy articles, top tech blogs, research and more. Know about featured events, interviews, app reviews, audio, video or podcasts on various technology trends. It is one of the interesting and creative technology websites in 2021.

7. LifeHacker

There is always a smart way of doing things and LifeHacker has always come up with simple & smart ways of doing the most difficult things. It has got different sections and one of them is Tech 911 that answers all your latest technology questions.

Starting from the Two Cents tips on big savings through technology, to the vital facts and offspring suggestions on life lessons related to technology.

8. CNet

CNet is one of the world’s best technology website in 2021 to learn about the latest technology blogs on almost every technical aspect. Review the best products from every category like Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Camera, TV, VPN, Hosting, Speakers, Wi-Fi, Headphones, Antivirus, etc. Get every latest news before it gets common, reviews, How-To issues, Health, Finance, Smart Home, Car Deals and more on CNet.

9. PCWorld

PCWorld doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the oldest tech websites to look for Latest News, Reviews, How To issues, Deals in various products and services. As the name suggests, PCWorld is a technology blog where you can find elaborated reviews, comparison, top 10 listicles, side-by-side comparison, and more. Learn everything about Mobile, Laptops, Desktops Windows, Gaming, Security, and more.

10. LifeWire

LifeWire makes life with technology less confusing with over more than 10K products reviewed and compared, over 220 million problems solved, 6.5K How To issues resolved, and a pool of over 270 million annual readers on their top tech blogs.

This tech website covers the latest news on technology, best of the compared products, gaming devices, smart life and family tech issues that you may face on a routine basis. You can always trust their blogs, news and reviews as they are well-researched, fresh, tried and tested before publishing.

Summing Up

Technology blogs are our everyday requirement as we often search for new and smart ways of doing things differently. Whenever you wish to install or fix any issue with a technical device, you can refer to the best technology websites in 2021 to find the exact fix.

These top tech blogs listed above are the world’s best technology blogs that should live in your favourites folders. Depending on Google may take you to a website that may not be trustworthy.

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