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All calls aren’t recorded, or the recording standard is very poor or non existent; why?

There are six possible reasons:

There is a different recorder working on your mobile that blocks Mobile Tracker Free. Android allows just one writer working, so you MUST eliminate ALL other clerks at first. Otherwise, Mobile Tracker will don’t capture calls.

You are using a”voice helper” app; the app is occupying the mike; it’s always picking up sound from the microphone to recognize that the”voice command,” which also blocks Mobile Tracker working. Please disable the voice helper program.

The”OK Google” program is the most popular voice assistant in Android phones; please disable the following option in your phone:

In some telephones, disable the”Settings > Google > Search > Voice > Voice Match > Strike with Voice Match” option.

If you’re using a Samsung cellphone, please check the”Bixby” program also; it’s Samsung’s voice assistant; you need to disable it.

If you’re using a Moto phone, please assess the”Moto Voice” app. Also, it’s Motorola’s voice assistant; you should disable it.

If you are utilizing a Huawei cellphone, please check the”HiVoice” program also; it’s Huawei’s voice assistant, you should disable it.

In certain Huawei phones, disable the”HiVoice” program this way:

Open the”Settings > Programs > HiVoice” screen, confirm the package name is”com.huawei.vassistant”.

Click “Force Stop.”

In certain Huawei phones, disable the”Dialler > Settings > Quick Calling” alternative.

In some Huawei telephones, disable the”Contacts > Settings > Fast Calling” option.

In some Huawei phones, maybe it’s in another place; read your user manual if needed.

It’s possible for other phones that the manufacturer has its voice helper on the phone; please verify it.

In rare cases, the program may not list voice calls on some phone models.

Only ordinary calls may be recorded; wifi calls can’t be registered any matter, so if your phone supports the wifi call attribute, please disable it.

If you use Bluetooth headsets, the recording might not be available.

If your telephone has Android version 9 or 10, the record’s quality will be relatively low or nonexistent; you can try to trigger the speaker.

How TheWiSpy Mobile Tracker gives Full access To the target telephone?

This android spy software empowers the end-user to monitor the display anytime, anyplace, with no hurdle. It does not require the rooting process, but it follows the program installation terminology.

App Setup: 

When A user buys the license key from TheWiSpy, another step to follow up is physically accessing the target phone to set up the spyware.

1 — Access the Goal telephone and start Google shop to Install the app.

2 — Agree with terms & conditions and media on the Accept button.

3 — After installation, make sure that you hide the Program icon in the settings.

The end-user Should log into the internet Control panel to monitor all the activities on the target phone.

TheWiSpy is The Best Mobile Tracker to Listen the Call Recordings!

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