Choosing The Right Car Products For Cold Weather

Choosing The Right Car Products For Cold Weather

Do you want to have the most fun when riding your car during winter? If your answer is yes, there are a few things any driver should know and do, to ensure that their vehicle will be running smooth once freezing temperatures settle in. And since inclement weather creates potentially dangerous and unpredictable conditions, other than having fun, it’s even more important to have safety features of car and well prepared for anything that might appear. The car care products we’ll present you today can help you do just that.

So let’s dig in!

1. Check The Oil

In order for your engine to run properly, it needs good lubrication from oil. Unfortunately, cold weather reduces the oil’s effectiveness, meaning that the colder it gets outside, the thicker the oil gets. Consequently, your engine won’t get the lubrication it needs during start-up, this being one of the main reasons many cars don’t start once temperatures drop below 0. To prevent any headache that might result from having to deal with a car that won’t budge, you should change your vehicle’s oil to one that is thinner to begin with. As for finding out what’s the recommended oil viscosity for your vehicle during winter, check the owner’s manual. You should probably find some useful information on proper viscosity levels for different climates.

2. Use A Ceramic Spray

Great for any vehicle you might have from cars, to trucks, boats, motorcycles, and even ATVs, a product like Nexgen Ceramic spray will adhere to your car’s paint, and add a layer of protection against the outside elements. After using Nexgen you won’t have to worry anymore about water, ice, or salt causing your paint to look dull once the weather gets harsh. And the best part is that on top of having a well protected coat, your vehicle will also look newly washed all the time, with virtually no dirt no matter how bad the weather gets.

3. Keep A De-Icer In Your Car

A product like Prestone AS242-12PK Spray De-Icer can be wonderfully effective for melting frost, ice and snow, as well as preventing their accumulation, and can be used on the windshield, side and rear view mirrors, and even on the windshield wipers.

4. Lubricants For Locks And Seals

Products like the 3-In-One 120070 Lock Dry Lube or Camco Slide Out Lube can help keep rubber seals on the doors supple, and prevent them from sticking when the temperature plunges. Meanwhile, a graphite-based lubricant will keep the car’s locks from freezing, or thaw them when they do. Just  make sure that you store it anywhere else than the glove compartment so that you can have access to it when needed.

5. A Winter Car Cover

For those who don’t have the option of storing their car inside a garage, the risk of damage caused by ice, snow, rain and sun is very high. An outside car cover will not only help to protect the outside of your car in the winter, but will also make the inside more comfortable by locking in heat. Read some trusted car cover reviews so that you can make an informed buying decision when getting the right product for your vehicle.

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