COVID or No COVID: Why Are Facemasks Important?

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Even if I do not say this. It is but obviously understood that currently, the world is completely shaken up by the unannounced and unwelcomed guest, typically the coronavirus. The world leaders, therefore, are desperately taking up various measures in order to keep the world safe.

Various international health organizations such as the CDC, WHO, and NIOSH have devised various preventive measures for the world to follow and stay safe. These measures include staying at home unless necessary, frequently sanitizing yourself every now, and regularly washing your hands with soap and water.

As people are slowly starting to realize that the existence of Coronavirus is quite longer than we think. Somewhere down the road of 2020, they have accepted that the definition of normal is changed. There is a “new normal” that has started to take its place.

As we go out and see, one of the majorly visible changes in this “new normal” is the worldwide use of face masks to shield oneself from the coronavirus.

With these masks, coming up are other hurdles that are being faced by the people.

Let’s begin from the start.

  • To this date, there is no effective medication or treatment for it. Although, as various countries are easing the lockdown, the increased testing and research should be the right thing to do. As they are more obvious solutions. No progress can be seen on this. Although, the coronavirus spread can be counted in on its exponential increase.
  • As we return and resume our lives in the new normal. The best masks to wear that can provide you with the ultimate protection are only two. Typically the N95 mask and KN95 mask. These the standard masks that are approved by the world health organizations such as the CDC and NIOSH. These masks can reportedly shield you from the coronavirus infection as it is evident that these masks can filter out the particulate matter of size 0.3 microns.
  • When people start searching for the right mask for themselves. People should make sure of the three things.
  1. How well does the N95 mask or the KN95 mask deflects and filters out the matter, be it any dust particle or the pathogen that are harmful to us?
  2. How well do these masks seal your face?
  3. And how much protection can they provide in the name of N95 ad KN95 masks?
  • Well, there are many brands that now see the potential business in these facemasks due to their heightened and ever-increasing demand. Also, there are various manufacturers that are selling low-quality masks that do not meet the N95 standard that is set by international health organizations.
  • There are some brands and companies such as These brands are a trusted name in the market and have been providing the best quality and standard masks in order to provide 95% shielding and protection towards the pathogens.
  • Still, it is highly advised that one should check the N95 and KN95 mask before buying them. One should check the straps of the masks, along with the nose piece that helps the mask sit on your face. Check the sealing of the mask. Try dealing a bit rough with the mask in order to get well informed about the quality before buying.

As stated earlier, the best solution is to increase testing and contact tracing, additionally, until and unless the vaccination gets invented. It is quite important that people get aware of wearing the right quality face masks. They need to learn how important it is to incorporate the functioning of the N95 mask into our lives.

As we move ahead in 2020. It is a sincere hope that people learn the importance of masks in the “New Normal”!

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