Did you know about the four shades of Henna? Now do it all yourself sitting right at home.


When it comes to covering up grey hair, organic herbal Henna powder is the first thing that comes to mind as a natural alternative to generic hair dyes. But with that, the thought of “How to do it all by yourself at home” also comes to mind as using herbal Henna powder in the right way is not a simple process and you need to take care of a few things. Henna Powder has been a traditional natural hair conditioner for thousands of years, and still, people prefer it as a herbal hair dye to cover their grey strands at home. But do you know that herbal Henna can provide four rich shades to your hair when mixing with other natural hair dyes? Yes, you read it right! The natural herbal henna powder derived from grinding the fresh henna leaves is red, but it can give your hair these four rich shades when mixed with Indigo, Cassia, Manjishtha or Chamomile:


  • Reddish Brown Shade
  • Light Brown Shade
  • Dark Brown Shade
  • Rich Black Shade


The four shades of herbal Henna powder


Originally red, Henna powder when applied directly colours your hair between copper or dark auburn. Indigo natural dye darkens these shades to brown, while Cassia lightens them to golden tones. You just have to understand it like this:


  • Indigo Dye + Henna Powder (Both in Equal Amount)Medium Brown Shade
  • Indigo Dye (More) + Henna Powder (Less)Dark Brown Shade
  • Indigo Dye (Less) + Henna Powder (More)Reddish Brown Shade
  • Applying Henna Powder first and then Natural Indigo DyeRich Jet Black Shade


And do you know what the best part about it is? You can apply any of these four shades of herbal Henna by yourself at home any day at any time. If you are worried about how you will manage it at home, then read this article carefully as our step-by-step guide will help you to get gorgeous hair at home with some simple steps.


How to Henna your hair safely at home—a step-by-step guide

Before jumping to the step-by-step guide of colouring your hair with henna at home, it is crucial to pick the best organic herbal Henna powder for you. By mentioning “organic”, we want to emphasize that the herbal hair dye you choose for yourself must be free from all harmful chemicals like PPD, Ammonia or other salts that are generally present in generic hair dyes. These chemicals bleach your hair by weakening your cuticle, resulting in hair damage and premature greying of natural hair. Organic herbal Henna powder and Indigo powder don’t consist of these harmful chemicals as it is made up of natural ingredients only and thus safe for your hair.

For instance, you can choose Indus Valley Organic Herbal Henna Powder and Indigo dye to colour your hair safely at home. Made by grinding fresh henna leaves grown organically in Rajasthan, this bio-organic herbal Henna powder is 100% chemical-free, triple-sifted and microfine Henna powder that gives you a lumps-free smooth texture and comes at an affordable price.

Steps to apply Henna powder safely at home:

  1. First, decide which henna shade you want to achieve and use natural indigo dye accordingly.
  2. If you want reddish brown or any of the brown shades, then mix Henna powder and Indigo hair dye in an adequate amount (as mentioned above) in a mixing bowl with some lukewarm water to make a thin paste. You can add curd for additional conditioning.
  3. Now divide your hair into thin sections for proper application using hair clips, and apply the henna herbal hair dye paste evenly on your hair using a brush.
  4. Let it dry for 3-4 hours and rinse with water. Shampoo next day for best results and shade.
  5. If you want jet black colour, then apply organic herbal Henna powder by mixing it with water evenly on your hair. Let it dry for 3-4 hours then wash. After that, apply Indigo dye by mixing it with water for 2 hours, then wash it off to get a rich black shade.
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