Facebook or Google Adwords: which is best for the cleaning business?

The cleaning business has now expanded its service in the world. Most people are busy with their scheduled work and get no time to clean the house properly. Also, all industrial companies are now hiring professional cleaner service for cleaning. If you also want to start a cleaning business, then don’t hesitate to create. You can take some ideas from commercial cleaners, Dandenong. But it’s tough to get customers in a new business. That’s why many entrepreneurs are using a Facebook ad or Google Adwords for promoting their business. You also can apply them to your business. But which is the best one? You can get the answer from the detailed article. Please read it and find what is best for the cleaning business.

What is Google Ad?

There is nobody who doesn’t know about Google and is the largest search engine in the world. Google contains 75% of the search engine world. It has fantastic service to run a business advertisement. You also can promote your cleaning business through Google ads.

  • Suppose you are searching for office cleaning services MelbourneGoogle will show all the results about it. Now you can go to their site and give an order. 
  • Google also can add your advertisement to another related website. So that people even know about your business without going to your leading site. 
  • You also can put video-based advertisements on Google. Your customers also increase like this. So if you can implement google Adword very well, your sale will undoubtedly grow.

What is Facebook Ad?

Facebook is a social media platform. That means most people don’t search on it for any product and service. But it doesn’t mean Facebook can’t promote your cleaning service. You also can get customers from here.

  • For example, you have searched on Facebook for office cleaning in Melbourne. Then Facebook will show all the age which provide cleaning service in Melbourne. 
  • That means if you also open a page for tour targets audiences and run advertisements, you also have a chance. 
  • You can get many potential clients from Facebook. They will also feel comfortable to contact with your page and inbox you.

Facebook ads vs. Google ads: Which is better?

Google is the giant search engine. It can grow your business by advertising. Facebook also can connect your startup with so many people. You can’t avoid any of them. But when it comes to makes a decision, which platform is better for promoting your business. It would help if you thought about some topics first.

  • If you only want to increase your brand awareness or social media followers- then Facebook could be your place to do that. Facebook can make your company familiar to the people.
  • If you want to sell your cleaning service directly to the customers – you can run Google ads for better performance, Google can make your profit double.
  • If you want to grow your sales, consultations, and leads- you should use both platforms for the best result.


As the rise of using the internet is growing, people are spending most of the time online. And they like to search and order any services online. Your clients also can give their order easily online and don’t have to come to your office. So, if you don’t bring your cleaning business online, you will miss many customers. Online advertising can remind about your company to curious consumers. It can grow your new business more quickly. It can make brand awareness of your cleaning business. Online advertising uses repetition of your uploading content to improve your sale. 

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