Foods that have to be avoided to Cater to Intimate Life

    1. Processed food

    A diet high in processed foods can cause depression that’s closely associated with dysfunction problems, in keeping with Live Strong. Processed foods have generally added fat, salt, sugar, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and other chemical additives that will harm your health. These foods may include frozen foods, fried foods, milk, soft drinks, preserves, packaged snacks, breadstuff, and processed meats.

    Eating too many simple carbohydrates can cause weight gain and increase body fat content, which has been shown to extend estrogen levels in men and reduce testosterone levels.

    1. Alcohol and beer

    Too much alcohol not only blocks your reasoning and ordinary sense, but it also can make it difficult for you to determine and slow Intimate performance. Drinking alcohol regularly and excessively (more than two glasses a day) can’t only cause you to possess a widespread stomach that’s not hot, but may also reduce your testosterone levels by inhibiting blood flow and lowering testosterone levels. Alcohol may affect your eyesight, you may use careprost eye drops to improve eyesight.

    1. Soybeans

    A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that only half a serving of soybeans per day is enough to chop sperm count by 40 percent in healthy men. An oversized portion of soy also drastically reduces testosterone, per a study within the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and replaces it with a high intake of estrogen – a female hormone within the body of a person in minimal numbers. Soybeans contain 103,920 micrograms of estrogen per 100 grams, compared to 2.9 mcg in watermelon.

    1. Mint leaves

    A study published within the journal Phytotherapy Research found that spearmint can significantly reduce testosterone levels, a hormone that plays a significant role in libido production. If you prefer a cup of hot mint tea sometimes, you should worry about boycott consumption enough.

    Low-fat styles of fish

    Fish fats: A source of essential amino acids for men, trace elements, and vitamins.

    Product consumption gives the following results:

    Enrichment of the body with nutrients;

    Stimulation of endurance;

    Metabolism normalization;

    Active androgen synthesis;

    Improve the system

    Prevention of cardiac pathologies and blood vessels.

    The most useful varieties:

    Mackerel – improves concupiscence, fills the penis with blood, and strengthens the guts muscle and vascular system;

    Pink salmon – preserves the elasticity of the capillary walls, inhibits the aging process, and improves the conductivity of the nerve endings;

    Tuna is superb prevention of inflammation of the urogenital system and cancer. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 is the best way to make your love life happy and exotic

    Cod – increases the length of an intimate act, stimulates libido, and improves self-esteem.

    To improve intimate function, it’s necessary to steam and bake fish. The right table bowl during this case is vegetables.

    Lean meat

    Meat is the primary source of protein and zinc. With adequate consumption of meat dishes, the amount of testosterone within the blood is normalized.

    A large amount of protein may be an artifact for muscle tissue. It helps maintain a high level of endurance, which is vital for long-term intercourse.

    To stimulate physical function, should choose:

    Beef – incorporates a high nutritional value and increases male potency;

    Rabbit could be a dietary product that strengthens the center and blood vessels;

    Horse meat – increases fertility and spermatogenesis, restores metabolism, improves mood;

    Venison – a natural pathogen that strengthens erection, tones.

    It is essential to recollect that the meat’s male strength maintains its effectiveness when using fresh and prime quality products, additionally as cooked, stewed, or baked. Grilled beef or lamb will do more harm than good.


    The use of asparagus as a natural stimulant of power began in ancient Greece. The Kama Sutra also contains recommendations for eating a vegetable to extend male potency.

    The strains contain substances that increase the biological activity needed for a varied and lasting “love.”

    The composition includes:

    Selenium, zinc, and other minerals;

    Retinol and tocopherol;

    Ascorbic acid;

    B vitamins;

    Coumarins that are necessary to boost blood composition and vascular condition

    Folic acid, useful for normal metabolism.

    Asparagus preparation method to boost intimate function:

    Boil the stems by placing them vertically – thus, the lower part is boiled and also the upper part is processed with steam;

    Water slightly salted

    After 20 minutes, you get and eat with the addition of some oil.


    According to expert recommendations, foods that increase potency must be balanced: to try and do this, you would like to induce into the fruit. Pomegranate could be a fruit that significantly grows intimate profitability. Kamagra Oral Jelly and Vidalista 20 also good options to treat ed.

    The most important properties of the fruit:

    1. Vascular fortification;
    2. Slow natural aging;
    3. Dilated arterial lumen;
    4. Restoration of blood supply to the penis;
    5. Normalization of the nervous system;
    6. Prevention of malignant tumors.

    Fresh juice obtained from the fetus is the handiest for erections. It’s necessary to pick the grain, rinse and squeeze the liquid with a juicer for the preparation. Beverages obtained within the store lose a big part of useful properties. Concentrated juice must be diluted with filtered water. It’s better to drink it through the straw.

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