How HIPAA compliant patient texting solution helps to achieve new heights in patient engagement?

HIPAA compliant patient texting

Nowadays, texting is one of the desired channels for doing communication among people. As the world is moving towards text-based communications, all businesses need to clasp it.

Text messaging helps engage patients, increases outcomes, and enhances staff productivity, thereby strengthening the overall workflow. A text message is known as the digital health tool of the century for various reasons.

Nowadays, healthcare providers are integrating both way texting as one of the vital communication tools for enhancing patient engagement. It helps in scheduling appointments, sending appointment prompts, and managing health updates. Not only that but also, in some cases, request for prescription refills and communication with doctor and nurse is also possible through texting.

Healthcare providers are looking for ways to use patient engagement technology to fulfill the patient’s healthcare requirement. It is because safe texting can enhance the effectiveness and value of healthcare service delivery and accomplish the best health results for patients. HIPAA compliant patient texting is one such texting solution that helps manage patient engagement flawlessly in remote settings.

Let us know more about HIPAA compliant patient texting and how it helps in enhancing patient engagement?

HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, assist healthcare providers in piling, managing, and securely sharing every patient’s private and personal medical records.

HIPAA compliant texting is a combined and safe communicating solution. It assists healthcare providers and patients in interchange their health information either through text or through social media messaging. Not only that but also this secure channel helps in protecting the doctor-patient discretion and assist them in connecting more effectively than another mode of channels like video calls or emails. It is highly convenient and affordable and is one of the best ways to make contacts but only if you do not want the reply immediately.

Several tools offer HIPAA-compliant patient texting solutions, but one needs to tread with precaution while communicating.

How HIPAA compliant patient texting solution function?

Well! It connects the user to a safe network of the other user. It is an entirely secure messaging solution that allows several parties to have private discussions to increase the workflow, enhance productivity, and decrease costs.

Users can easily exchange health-related information, images, videos, and all documents safely with other users after logging in to the app. Every communication made is encrypted to prevent any misuse by a third-party user.

Also, the network supervises all activity through a safe platform. It generates activity reports to make sure they are working with a HIPAA service and following all policies.

Benefits of HIPAA compliant patient texting for patients

  • Safe platform: One of the significant problems in utilizing instant message technology by a medical professional is the possibility of data falling into the wrong people’s hands. With HIPAA, which offers end-to-end encryption, there is less possibility of a data breach.
  • Enhanced patient engagement: Patient engagement is critical when the matter is about an individual whole healthcare involvement and results. More engages the patient with the provider of medical services, more they can avoid all red flags of their health. This, in turn, offers a good health outcome.
  • The Chabot facility available with HIPAA allows the patient to remain connected 24/7. Customized as per the organization, this texting solution helps patients easily schedule appointments, reach out to the medical service providers quickly, and request all refills of their prescription.
  • Enhances practice effectiveness: By executing a safe communication platform for the healthcare system, you get something more than just text data. It allows practices to rapidly communicate all details that assist your practices to achieve the most with time.

Thus, we can see that HIPAA compliant patient texting helps achieve a new level of effectiveness and accuracy in patient care management and taking clinical decisions. Consequently, an organization can reach new heights in patient engagement, efficiency, and progressive outcomes.

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