How to Host a Successful Virtual Meeting?


With each passing day, virtual events are becoming bigger and better. Hosting recurring day to day online virtual meetings have now become an integral part of every organization. Whether you want to connect with your remote team members or connect with clients worldwide, remote meeting solutions serve all.

To leverage virtual meetings, hosting your online video conferencing and meetings on an interactive virtual meeting platform is a must. As the current global pandemic has changed the complete scenario, hosting virtual meetings have become the new normal. Organizations are tapping on this latest tool to conduct online meetings as they are quick and bring value.

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The cost of accommodation, venue, transportation, foods & beverage gets reduced considerably with virtual meeting technology. Apart from it, virtual meetings are highly accessible and connect people under one roof virtually, irrespective of geographical constraints. However, virtual meetings work on a different approach when compared to face to face physical meetings.

The worth of face to face interactions holds its own importance. But, interactive and immersive virtual meeting solutions try to replicate the same look and feel of the physical meetings. It prevents ongoing online conversations from getting fragmented.

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Many organizations face the challenge of fragmented conversations while conducting online meetings. Whereas, some presenters face the trouble of unbalanced participation of attendees resulting in the fall of meetings. To prevent virtual meetings from dipping down and delivering its objective, selecting a virtual meeting platform that delivers interactive virtual meeting services.

We have shared a few tips to prepare and run a successful virtual meeting and events, thus leaving the lasting impact on attendees. To know, how to host a successful virtual meeting read on further:

How to host an effective & successful virtual meeting–

Running an online virtual meeting works on a different approach than face to face physical meetings. The basics still remain the same, but one needs to plan the strategies to make virtual meetings effective and successful. We have listed some of the effective strategies that help in running out a successful virtual meeting.

1. Select the right remote meeting technology

Before picking up the virtual meeting platform to host your online virtual meeting, firstly determine the objective of your meeting. Do proper brainstorming and look for a platform that serves your purpose. Selecting a platform that offers interactive remote meeting services allows attendees to connect in real-time while delivering immersive event experiences.

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There are ample virtual meeting platforms available nowadays that allow you to host your online meeting or conference in a safe and secure digital environment. Go with the platform that enables you to have live audio and video chats and one-on-one interactions in real-time. Apart from it, interactive engagement tools such as Live chats, polls, surveys, games, etc. is an added benefit. It can keep the audience hooked throughout the meeting.

if you are planning to host a long meeting session, going with such a platform is the right choice. It prevents attendees from falling out amid sessions. Ability to share screens to explain the presentation to attendees, accessibility, video conferencing, audience capping, video quality, etc are other pointers one must keep in mind while selecting a platform.

2. Learn the skills

Learning a few skills and tools makes a virtual meeting successful. The presenters must have the skill to break the ice between attendees who have never met before. It helps in relaxing everyone before discussing business goals. You can organize games such as spin the wheel and or organize a quiz or offer giveaways to relax everyone.

Take full advantage of ice-breaking tools and make your attendees feel completely comfortable and immersed before discussing the business agenda.

3. Take time for preparations

While hosting a virtual meeting, one should be prepared for any sudden interruptions and technical glitches. Take time out to prepare for technical challenges. Apart from it, make a checklist of what you would like to cover in the meeting. Right from why you are conducting a meeting, how many attendees you wish to join in, topics you will cover during the meeting, and so on everything should be clear to the host. If your online meeting involves global attendees, keep a time zone in mind while scheduling so that maximum attendees can participate.

If you are hosting long meeting sessions, try to accommodate in shorter segments, and incorporate engaging activities amid sessions to keep the audience engaged. Just before the actual date, send reminders along with login details to people you want to join the meeting. If necessary, share the URL, list of attendees, purpose of the meeting and start and end time of the online meeting.

4. Set the rules for your virtual meeting

Setting up the ground rules for your virtual meeting helps in making it effective and successful. Ground rules help in guiding each and every attendee of the meeting. For example, you can ask attendees to tune in ten minutes before the actual time of the meeting. It enables them to check out their audio and video and connect with other participants. You can ask attendees to mute when they are not speaking, it helps in eliminating distracting sounds from the background. You can even set a ground rule that before speaking one would introduce himself to other attendees.

5. Interact with a virtual reality mindset

It is easy to gain cues from facial expressions and gestures or voice tone during face to face physical meetings. These essentials are unfortunately lost in virtual meetings thus making it necessary to take these points into consideration while communicating. When a person is speaking in a virtual meeting, make it a point to keep your entire focus on him/her. Asking a relevant question or summarizing what they conveyed, illustrates that you paid attention while the other person is speaking.

6. Engage everyone in the meeting

Attendee engagement is one of the biggest challenges faced by online virtual meetings. As a host, you must ensure your attendees have enough opportunity to put across their point and speak up. Organize Q&A sessions for gaining feedback and input from attendees. It enables attendees to ask direct questions and helps them to keep engaged and focussed.


Today, organizations around the world are relying on virtual event technology to carry out day to day meetings. The right strategic approach with a few preparations makes it easy to run a successful & effective virtual meeting.

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