Why is Online Lottery Gaining more Popularity in India?

online lottery in India

The lottery has been around in India for a really long time, with legal state government-run lotteries available in 13 Indian states. These state-run lotteries are decently popular and bring in a lot of revenue for the state while also providing a safe way for Indians to play the lottery.

But recently, a new type of lottery has overtaken the country – and that happens to be the online lottery. Websites and apps that allow Indians to play international lotteries from all over the world have become a lot more popular, with more and more people now preferring to play online rather than buying traditional lottery tickets.

In this age of the internet and smartphones, it is hardly a surprise that the convenience of online lottery would easily dethrone the traditional state-run lottery system. But is the online lottery even legal in India?

Much like the related industry of online gambling, the online lottery exists in a type of legal grey area. Since the lottery laws in India only prohibit private lotteries within India, online lottery websites based off-shore don’t really count as either legal or illegal. This means that people can use this legal loophole to enjoy using the online lottery providers, as long as those companies are based outside India.

This, apart from many other factors that we will shortly discuss, has obviously paved the way for the online lottery to attract even more users. Especially for people who do not reside in states which offer lotteries, the only way to buy into lottery draws is through websites or apps.

One other huge reason behind the success of the online lottery in India happens to be the increasing reliance of people on e-commerce as well as online gaming apps. Indians are now more likely to purchase products online or spend money on real-money gaming apps, which makes the online lottery another entertainment choice for these users.

The fact that the only way to access some of the biggest draws in the world, such as the Powerball or the Megamillions, is only through online lottery websites is another major factor in the ever-increasing popularity of online lotteries. Players who wish to play these international draws can only do so using any of the lottery websites that sell legitimate online lottery tickets, such as The Lotter.

With the surge in digital payment options in India, it has become even easier for users to play the online lottery. Since most online lottery providers now accept payments in UPI or Indian Netbanking, or even wallets such as Paytm or PhonePe, online lotteries are converting many interested users into regular players who frequently enjoy playing online.

Last but not least, the easier availability and accessibility of smartphones in India has made sure that parts of the population that were not exposed to the internet before now have the online world at their fingertips. What helps, even more, are the generous data packs that are provided by Indian telcos at throwaway prices.

With so many of these factors now helping the online lottery industry, it is no wonder that people have made the switch from traditional lottery shops to online websites and apps instead and this trend might continue for the foreseeable future.

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