Pay By Mobile Slots VS Online Slots Casinos

Pay By Mobile Slots VS Online Slots Casinos

Gambling wasn’t always as mainstream and popular as it is now. Before online slots were available, gambling was hidden from the masses in betting shops with boarded up fronts and at bricks and mortar casinos.

Some gambling arcades existed too that had old style fruit machines and other one armed bandit slots – access slot games with your mobile. However certain events and decisions helped push gambling out of the shadows and into the mainstream and this made old school gambling a thing of the past. 

The Digital Revolution 

In the 1990s new technology took the world by storm and changed it. The introduction of digital technology enhanced many industries and most importantly for the gambling industry, it created the Internet. Without this invention, the gambling industry could not take the next step into respectability. The Internet offered businesses across the world a platform to make them selves seen. The decision makers in charge of gambling brands decided to take the plunge into the unknown and make their gamble games available on the Internet for the masses to access. 

 Once the uptake of the Internet by the general public increased, individuals soon discovered that they could access gambling sites in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This opened the market up considerably and those that stayed away from traditional gambling environments embraced the opportunity online gambling gave them. This is one of the major reasons behind the huge increase in female gamblers. 

Other Factors

The Tony Blair government was also a great help to the industry and they eased many of the restrictions and regulations that were holding the industry back. This double whammy of the Internet and more relaxed government attitudes, combined with the appeal of slots helped gambling and in particular slots gambling, reach levels of popularity that could not have been imagined. 

Casino Platforms

Microgaming created the first online casino software and this virtual casino format could hold hundreds of different games. These casinos could be accessed through the Internet and all that was needed was an Internet provider and a desktop computer or laptop. This allowed gamblers for the first time, to be in total control of where they chose to play. Gambling in the comfort of your own home proved more appealing than visiting betting shops and land-based casinos.  These virtual establishments also offered a variety of payment options to punters who wanted to top up their casino accounts. All were secure and cashless. 

Mobile Slots

Recently the use of highly sophisticated mobile devices has meant that the gambling industry has had to move with the times and have a rethink about how they offer games and other services to the general public. With so many people living their lives through smartphones, the gambling industry saw fit to develop mobile casino platforms. The advantage of these is that since you can take your phone with you anywhere you can now access slots sites whilst out and about too and you are no longer restricted to your home or large desktop computers and laptops. Payment options are exactly the same as desktop sites and payments are secure too.

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